2016 Renewable Energy Handbook Solar

Welcome to the sixth edition of the annual Solar Power World and Windpower Engineering and Development Renewable Energy Handbook. It’s stunning to think we’ve produced six editions now—each one more useful and comprehensive than the last. Whether you’re a long-time reader—with a half-dozen issues organized on your bookshelf, declaring your renewable energy authority to anyone

November 2015 issue: Top Products Issue

Are your clients using green energy? Maybe not, according to the FTC Let’s talk about your solar clients, and how they aren’t really your solar clients. Well, that’s half true. They may be your clients because they paid you, I hope. But are they your solar clients? Turns out, the FTC says your customers can

September 2015 Issue: Inverters and storage and more

  In this Solar Power World Issue: ACT NOW! Avoid project backlog before ITC drops Special section on inverters and storage Solar Power International

July 2015 Issue: 4th Annual Top Solar Contractors issue

In this issue: The 2015 Top 500 Solar Contractors in North America issue. Lists are broken down by market, segment and state, and include short features from companies across the country.

May 2015 issue: Solar Trends Breaking Through + More

  What’s trending in solar? Has the U.S. solar industry changed since we launched Solar Power World in 2011? More than slightly. For starters, the U.S. has five times the solar capacity. And for industry veterans who can look back to the beginning of their renewable energy careers—five, 10 or 20 years ago—the technology and

March 2015 Issue: Albuquerque – a solar hotbed, and more

  We’re off to a great start Chances are if you didn’t receive this issue in your mailbox, you’ve picked it up at PV America. We’re very excited to have our Solar Power World team walking the floor in Boston and seeing how everyone’s 2015 is shaping up. I know this will be a great

January 2015 Issue: Developments in solar modules and more

    We’re focused on you   Happy new year! Have you made resolutions for 2015? Maybe you’ll anchor yourself every time you work on a roof. Maybe you’ll commit to more frequent Facebook updates (pictures, please). At Solar Power World, we have steered our ship toward one goal. Simply, we want to help you

November 2014 issue: Top 100+ Products of 2014

  Your Pocket Book Product Guide A tradeshow is truly an exciting place. It’s a rush trying to conquer the show floor, racing against the clock, your head on a swivel as you attempt to see the abundance of industry offerings all gathered in one place. As the cliché goes: So much to do (and

September 2014 Issue: Welcome to SPI: Here’s What You Need To Know

  Your Guide to a Great SPI My favorite part of Solar Power International (SPI), which comes to Las Vegas this October, isn’t hard to figure out: It’s seeing the innovations, participating in the educational opportunities and being among like-minded solar advocates. To help you have a great show experience, we have compiled tips and

July 2014 Issue: 2014 Top 400 Solar Contractors

  Congratulations Contractors This issue is for you, the industrious and resilient solar contractor, bringing solar to North America. We know it’s not an easy job. Analysts call it the “SolarCoaster,” and skeptics loom. At summer parties, well-intentioned relatives probably asked whether solar really works. Mine did. “Solar is a success, and it’s becoming more