Install the wire box before the string inverter

Contractors can install string inverters with integrated, but separable, wire boxes more efficiently by installing the wire box first and then focusing on the inverters. Employing the appropriate skilled workers to align all wire boxes is essential to quickly complete DC and AC wire termination and connection. Once the wire boxes are in, less-skilled, lower-cost workers can install the inverters. This makes it easier to perform service because the inverter top can be removed for replacement with spare/RMA units, taking only a few minutes to make the swap.

Also, consider solutions with easy connections. While some solutions require wires to connect the inverter to the wire box, CPS’s string inverters simplify installation by requiring only four bolts to connect the inverter top to the wire box. Each inverter has a customized mating connector that provides all interfaces necessary for operation. The inverter top simply slides onto the wire box top and pre-installed mounting bracket. Then four small bolts connect the two enclosures.

Finally, be sure to find manufacturers that can package the wire boxes and inverters in a way that eases installation once in the field. For example, CPS packages its 50- to 60-kW products in separate cartons so the wire box carton can be opened first while the inverters remain safely in their own carton until it’s time to install. The wire box also contains the mounting accessory kit and folded mounting bracket for both the wire box and inverter.

This installation tip was provided by Ed Heacox, general manager of the Americas, Chint Power Systems Americas

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