GTM Research finds NEXTraker as top global solar tracker manufacturer

NEXTracker, a Flex company, has attained the No. 1 global market share position for the second consecutive year among solar tracker manufacturers in 2016. According to GTM Research’s upcoming Global PV Tracker Landscape Report 2017, NEXTracker captured 30% of the global PV tracker market share by megawatts shipped in 2016.

Scott Moskowitz, senior analyst at GTM Research, reports that NEXTracker grew its lead of the global tracker market from 24% to 30%, with specific market share lead in India, Asia Pacific, Chile, and Australia. The company’s products have been installed in more than 11 countries with a total of 7.4 GW of NX Horizon PV systems sold.

“This milestone furthers NEXTracker’s global leadership position,” said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar. “We’ve been able to achieve this position by continuously listening to customers and incorporating their objectives of more energy, lower cost and high reliability into the product. By applying data science to our smart and connected PV systems, we can maximize energy yield and optimize operations. Through our parent company, Flex, we have been able to quickly expand in complex markets like India and Brazil.”

The report finds that NEXTracker, in addition to capturing the number one global market share, also led the U.S. tracker market capturing 41% of 7,385 MWdc shipments. The company also continued to make headway in Asia-Pacific, particularly India and Australia, as the leader in those markets.

Recent NEXTracker global milestones include:

  • United States: NEXTracker supplied over 3 GW of its NX Horizon single-axis trackers in 2016 to some of the largest utility-scale plants in the United States, such as Blythe, Comanche, and Three Peaks, to name a few. Most notably, the company increased its U.S. market share 13 points, representing 41% of all single-axis trackers shipped in 2016.
  • India: The company has over 20 projects delivered or under fulfillment with seven of India’s largest developers and engineering procurement contractor companies (EPCs). As demand rapidly expands in the region NEXTracker will localize steel pipe manufacturing in India which is expected to reduce shipment time by up to 50%.

Last month, NEXTracker was also named the number one leading supplier of global PV tracker market share systems and a leading supplier of PV structural equipment by IHS Research. According to IHS Markit, the company continues to retain its lead in shipped products among distributed and centralized tracker systems.

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