Solar Speaks: SolarEdge discusses its HD-Wave inverter technology

SolarEdge’s HD-Wave technology has been turning heads since it was released at Solar Power International 2015. This year it won an Intersolar Award, and we also selected to feature it as a top product technology of 2016. Here to tell us more about this innovative technology are SolarEdge’s Mike Rogerson, marketing director north America, and Cameron Stewart,  technical training manager North America.

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  1. Andrew shee says:

    Well the company that I work for has fitted about 50 solar edge HD Waves and we had all sorts of problems with the HDWaves like software iss we’re the inverter would just shutdown and freeze and other problems like protection stickers on display screen not peeling off properly. Thay look the part, but it’s ok have something looking good from the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts !!!

  2. We installed one it’s very easy to mount and commission. Way less wall space is needed and the price point is on par. Solaredge is our go to product line very little problems compared to all the other makes.

  3. David Hardingham says:

    wow finally only a almost a years late for me and 2 year from when it was said to come out