Ideal Power’s SunDial to energize NEXTracker’s NX Fusion Plus storage tracker

Ideal Power Inc., a developer of innovative power conversion technologies, announced today that NEXTracker (a Flex company) will be selling its SunDial™ solar PV plus storage string inverter as part of their newly launched solar plus storage tracker. NEXTracker’s “NX Fusion Plus” will integrate the SunDial™ together with NEXTracker’s best-in-class solar tracker, a battery pack, and software to deliver maximum return on investment to solar power plants. The solution will be packaged and sold by NEXTracker to its global customer base to increase the amount of solar production for its customers.  Lux Research forecasts that the solar plus storage market will reach $8 billion by 2026.

“We are honored to have been approached by NEXTracker to supply our new SunDial™ Plus multi-port solar plus storage inverter. The SunDial™ Plus will give them a strong competitive advantage as no other company in the tracker space is offering a complete solution with integrated inverter and energy storage today,” said Dan Brdar, CEO of Ideal Power. “We also believe this agreement with NEXTracker will solidify the SunDial’s™ presence in the solar plus storage market that continues to show sizeable potential for growth.”

NEXTracker was acquired last year by global electronic manufacturing giant Flex (formerly known as Flextronics) and is the #1 solar tracker supplier worldwide with over 5GW of shipments. The company is widely recognized for its innovative independent row tracking systems and its global leadership position in the solar industry. NEXTracker’s systems are being deployed in PV installations at a rate of 100 MW per week across five continents.

“We chose Ideal Power because they are a market leader with a track record in the inverter space,” stated Alex Au, NEXTracker CTO. “Together, we have developed an optimized inverter solution specifically for NX Fusion Plus for long duration storage plus solar.”  Hear Alex Au describe the benefits of solar integrated storage in this video.

The SunDial™, based on Ideal Power’s patented Power Packet Switching Architecture™ (PPSA™), is a grid-tied commercial 30kW PV string inverter that has an integrated six-string PV combiner and DC disconnect with 480V, 3-phase output. Its innovative “AC link” design provides true galvanic isolation from the AC to the DC ports, enabling PV installations to be grounded which eliminates Potential Induced Degradation (PID) on the PV array. The SunDial™ is the smallest and lightest fully isolated 3-phase PV inverter on the market.  It can be equipped to add energy storage either at initial installation or in the future with its available field upgrade kit.

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