Solar Speaks: SunLink VP Kate Trono discusses VERTEX monitoring platform

Why did a mounting systems company expand its solutions into software and O&M services? It all started with a plan to build a game-changing distributed tracker. In this Solar Speaks podcast, Kate Trono, vice president of products at SunLink, discusses the company’s recent entry into O&M and the solar software market with VERTEX.


  1. Robert Bullard says:

    Is this a panel level real time multi-function/variable SCADA system, or for some number of panels as a monitored unit?

    • Great question Robert – Vertex is flexible to either, depending on customer preference. For panel level data and controls capability, the module would need to be equipped for that. We see this most often on smaller projects. For larger utility scale projects, the level of controls is usually at a string (string inverter) or large block (central inverter), but there’s no limitation on data and control granularity from Vertex.