Webinar: Creating Cost Effective Solar Installations With Aluminum Extrusions


Extruded aluminum components and assemblies find wide applicability in solar energy.  For PV, CSP and CPV racking and mounting systems, heat sinks, and other applications, extrusions offer superb design flexibility,  a high level of cost-saving functionality, and compelling environmental attributes, which is why they are prominent in standard, off-the shelf systems. Yet extrusions’ almost limitless design possibilities, development speed and inexpensive tooling costs also make them ideal for custom solutions.  At the same time, extrusions’ flexibility presents unique challenges for those used to designing with alternative materials.

This one-hour webinar discusses the attributes of extruded aluminum that make it a material of choice for solar system engineers, and then focus on the “practicalities” of extrusion design:  alloy selection, “best practice” in profile design, and structural evaluation.  In addition, the sustainability aspects of extrusions, and their comparative economics are discussed.

This webinar is aimed at the designer/engineer with only a passing familiarity with extrusions.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:
• Assess aluminum extrusion performance, and economics vs. alternative materials
• Create component designs for efficiency and effectiveness
• Conduct structural assessment of alternative extrusion designs


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