Electricity Storage Association Awards S&C And California Energy Storage Alliance

esaThe Electricity Storage Association (ESA) announced the 2013 recipients of two separate awards: the ESA’s annual Phil Symons Electricity Storage Award recipient is Janice Lin, Executive Director of the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA); and the Electricity Storage Association Industry Excellence Award for 2013 is the S&C Electric Company. Both awards were presented at the ESA’s 23rd Annual Conference, held in Santa Clara, CA May 20-22nd.

Ms. Lin was recognized for her decades of work on clean energy and for the last four years as the Executive Director of CESA. In addition to her work leading CESA, Ms. Lin currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC) and the Energy Storage Committee of Joint Venture Silicon Valley.

“Janice Lin is one of energy storage’s brightest leaders in an ever important region of the country. She played an integral role in the fight to have a storage requirement in the LA basin last year and the prospect of her playing a leading role over the next several years in similarly important decisions is reassuring to all of us who know the great work she does,” said Brad Roberts, Executive Director of ESA.

S&C was selected amidst a competitive group of potential companies as well. Their over 150 megawatt hours of installed energy storage systems implemented worldwide in diverse applications displays a substantial commitment and measured amount of success in the industry.

“The work S&C put into energy storage this year was remarkable, matching their track record over the past several years. S&C, along with many other members, continue to raise the bar and challenge other companies to better their own products. We’re thankful to have energy leaders like S&C working to ramp up the commercial deployment of energy storage,” added Chris Shelton, Chairman of ESA.

The Phil Symons Electricity Storage Award is awarded each year by the ESA. The award was created in 2006 in honor and remembrance of the leadership and vision of Dr. Phil Symons in the development and growth of ESA and the electricity storage industry. Dr. Symons was the Chairman of the ESA during a transitional time for the organization. If it were not for his leadership and guidance, ESA would not have grown into what it is today. Previous winners include John Boyes, Imre Gyuk, William Hassenzahl, Jim McDowall, Ali Nourai, Brad Roberts, and Rick Winter.

The Electricity Storage Association Industry Excellence Award was presented for the first time this year. It will be used to highlight the accomplishments of a member company or organization in the storage marketplace and to recognize comprehensive industry commitment and participation.