Colored Modules Bridge Gap Between Solar And Aesthetics

colored solar resident_optNot everyone welcomes the rising interest in solar. Homeowners associations and historic preservation committees have resisted, sometimes in court, residents who wish to install panels on their houses. But Ventura, Calif.-based Colored Solar offers colored and patterned solar modules to help break down those barriers.

colored solar residen_opt1The 225-W panels run at 15% to 16% efficiency, making them comparable to conventional black models, based on testing at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The manufacturer says they install like conventional panels and are comparably priced, with a 25-year power warranty and 5-year workmanship warranty.

Palmieri says options such as colored solar panels and Dow’s PowerHouse solar shingle have solved the “aesthetics issue” and brought solar to new populations and communities. SPW

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