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Solar Speaks: Mounting Systems on product fire ratings

Two Mounting Systems products, the Alpha+ pitched roof system and the Lambda Light EW+, were rated in ETL fire tests as Class A with Type 1 PV modules. What does all of that mean? Product manager Don Massa breaks it down for us in this Solar Speaks podcast. This podcast is brought to you by

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lennar solar homes

Solar Speaks: Making solar the new dishwasher in homes

Heating, running water, air conditioning, these are standard features in most homes. What if solar was too? Home builder Lennar is actually teaming up with partners such as Enphase to make this a reality on new homes. We spoke with Paul Nahi of Enphase Energy and David Kaiserman of Lennar to learn more.

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Jamie Howland, Acadia Center

Solar Speaks: How Acadia Center is Combating Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the premier issues of our time, but solar can help solve it. We spoke with Jamie Howland of Acadia Center, an organization which has offices throughout New England, to find out how it too is working to solve climate change and what resources it offers solar professionals. Listen to learn

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solar sepa

Solar Speaks: What Would Your Ideal Solar State Look Like?

Take a moment to picture this: You have a 51st state without an electricity market structure in place. How would you build that system from the ground up so that you maximize the amount of solar and other distributed energy resources while ensuring customers continue to have safe, reliable and affordable power? It’s a fascinating

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solar insurance

Solar Speaks: How To Properly Insure Your Solar Business

What kind of insurance does a solar installation company need? Do electricians have similar exposures or risks to roofers? Knowing how to properly insure your solar business can be confusing. To clear things up, we spoke with Scott Foyer and Matthew Burrows of Travelers Insurance. Listen to the conversation here. Read more about solar insurance

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Webinar: How To Sell Solar To Your Local Bank

This webinar was recorded on November 20, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. Join us for 60 minutes of question and answer on how to sell solar to your local bank. Our distinguished panelists, drawn from some of the most innovative funding organizations in the country, have agreed to spend an

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Webinar: natural gas supplies, electricity pricing and the future of battery storage

The live webinar was recorded on October 29, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on-demand. With recent record claims of US natural gas production, many expect natural gas pricing to remain at its historic low levels. Such low levels for natural gas are being credited for everything from massive amounts of new job

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Webinar: Top 21 O&M Considerations For Commercial Solar Projects

This webinar was recorded on September 30, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. Successful solar contractors know that a client relationship doesn’t end at commissioning. Solar projects must produce high levels of energy for 20 or more years. Quality installations that provide ROI will guard a contractor’s reputation and the positive

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Webinar: Maximize PV Rooftop Space & Energy Output with Horizontal String Inverter Accessory

This webinar was recorded on December 16, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. The Advanced Energy 3TL horizontal mounting kit provides a compact and cost-effective means to install AE 3TL string inverters in a horizontal orientation. This innovative option is essential for installers and designers that need to comply with NEC

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