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Solar Speaks: Creating solar storage out of waste

Remember vanadium from your high school science class? We spoke with Imergy President Tim Hennessey who told us how his company is using a lower-cost vanadium waste product to create batteries that can last longer and hold more power than many other options out there. Listen to learn more.

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Solar Speaks: Higher voltages and how to get there

We spoke with Mark Kanjorski of Ampt to discuss why the solar industry is moving toward higher voltages (1500V and more), and various ways of achieving them, including with DC optimizers. To read more about Kanjorski’s insights into higher voltages and DC optimizers in 2015, read this article. 

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Webinar: Solar Symbiosis-Inverters and Monitoring

Live webinar was recorded on February 26, 2015. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. Understanding how solar inverters and monitoring work together is essential for a high-performing and profitable solar project. Join us in a special 1-hour presentation with representatives from Enphase and Locus Energy to find out why monitoring happens at

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Solar Speaks: Solar power optimizers in 2015

Installations of power optimizers are reported to grow significantly through 2020. We spoke with Mike Rogerson of SolarEdge to give us some insight into these power electrics in 2015.

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Solar Speaks: DNV GL discusses solar inverter testing

Testing is essential to helping verify functionality and performance of any component, especially inverters as the “brains of a solar system.” We spoke with Ray Hudson and Michael Mills-Price of DNV GL’s inverter testing segment to tell us more about how the organization’s testing expands upon that of traditional national testing facilities. Read the full

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Solar Speaks: SunLink VP discusses ground mount products, the market and supply chains

In this Solar Speaks podcast, Yury Reznikov, vice president of product management at SunLink, a solar mounting systems provider, discusses trends in the solar ground-mount market, including key product differentiators and supply chain best practices. What questions should contractors ask mounting providers about supply chain? In what ways can solar ground-mount products improve? What is

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Solar Speaks: Mounting Systems on product fire ratings

Two Mounting Systems products, the Alpha+ pitched roof system and the Lambda Light EW+, were rated in ETL fire tests as Class A with Type 1 PV modules. What does all of that mean? Product manager Don Massa breaks it down for us in this Solar Speaks podcast. This podcast is brought to you by

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Solar Speaks: Making solar the new dishwasher in homes

Heating, running water, air conditioning, these are standard features in most homes. What if solar was too? Home builder Lennar is actually teaming up with partners such as Enphase to make this a reality on new homes. We spoke with Paul Nahi of Enphase Energy and David Kaiserman of Lennar to learn more.

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Jamie Howland, Acadia Center

Solar Speaks: How Acadia Center is Combating Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the premier issues of our time, but solar can help solve it. We spoke with Jamie Howland of Acadia Center, an organization which has offices throughout New England, to find out how it too is working to solve climate change and what resources it offers solar professionals. Listen to learn

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