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Upcoming live webinar: How solar inverters and storage work together

Join us for this exclusive live webinar on August 27, 2015 at 2pm EST, featuring guest presenters Mara White from OutBack Power and Elise Murphy from Fire Mountain Solar. Storage is critical for solar’s growth, whether used in off-grid or battery backup applications. To stay ahead, solar contractors must understand basic storage system design and installation, as

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Rich Cooper

Solar Speaks: Pro-Tech Energy Solutions on dealing with difficult installation conditions

It’s common for solar projects in the Northeast to be situated on difficult terrain. Sometimes installations require tree clearing, access roads, earth moving, even rock blasting. In rural areas, endangered turtles or Indian burial grounds can present problems. And in the city, projects can encounter limited space, people trying to go about their day and

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On demand webinar: Developing solar RV and boat storage – a lesson in earning!

This is an On Demand Webinar. A copy of the webinar will be emailed to everyone who registers on August 19, 2015. Click the register link below to reserve your copy.  This on demand webinar will walk attendees through the conception, development, financing, construction and management of a Solar RV and Boat Storage project. A

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Contractors Corner: Mortenson speaks on how to know your solar customers better

How do you stay on top of knowing your customers’ needs? What are their biggest challenges and how can you help? Is talking to them on the job site enough? We spoke with Trent Mostaert, Vice President and general manager of solar at Mortenson Construction to find out how his company conducts a survey to

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Solar Speaks goes live at Intersolar

We are taking our popular podcast series on the road and to a live audience. Solar Speaks Live will be at Intersolar North America in the Unirac booth from July 14 to 15, 2015. Solar Power World editors will interview industry thought leaders about their unique solar industry perspectives, involvement and outlook. Interviews will be

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Solar Speaks: Lessons learned in O&M and asset management

Asset management is a buzzword in today’s solar industry. But what does it really mean and how does it relate to overall operations and maintenance? We spoke with Ken Kostok of O&M provider Alectris to find out. He shares his lessons learned from over 150 MW of solar installations. He also tells us about the SunSpec

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Eric Pasi, VP of business development

Contractor’s Corner Podcast: IPS finds longevity in local solar

After 24 years in Minnesota solar, contractor Innovative Power Systems has some insight to share on how to survive in the solar market. We spoke with Eric Pasi, VP of business development to learn more. Read more here. 

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Webinar: Top five design optimizations to cut solar system costs by 25%

This webinar was recorded on July 2, 2015. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. New technologies, including east-west racking, novel inverter designs, and higher-efficiency modules, are rapidly changing the solar industry. System engineers now deal with more complexity when designing solar PV arrays – yet those same engineers are being asked to

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Webinar: Top tips for mounting on tile, asphalt and metal roofs

This webinar was recorded on July 1, 2015. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. Join solar mounting experts from IronRidge, EcoFasten Solar and SunModo for an hour-long discussion on best practices for mounting solar on sloped metal, asphalt shingle and tile roofs. Watch this webinar to learn: Appropriate mounting methods for various types

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