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Abengoa's 280 MW, utility-scale, CSP 'Solana'

Webinar To Discuss CSP’s Role In The Storage Market

SEIA, Abengoa, and SolarReserve will be participating in a free-to-view webinar about CSP’s storage capabilities and the potential for new projects. Titled “Is the energy storage market the future of CSP?,” the webinar will feature a case study analysis of two CSP plants with storage in the U.S. and a market overview of the drivers

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Solar Speaks: How Should Solar Installers Market To Women? Here’s How

  According to research, women are the chief financial officers in most homes and make 80% of the home improvement buying decisions. Logically, the solar industry should be targeting them in their marketing, but they don’t.  Glenna Wiseman has written about this for Solar Power World, and now she and Raina Russo (who some of

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Solar Speaks: The Coming Boom Of Fleet-Level Monitoring

  At a recent conference, Editorial Director Frank Andorka heard MJ Shaio of GTM Research say the expected growth in residential solar will be 4X its current level by 2017. What this means there will be fewer and fewer individual installations and more and more need for fleet-management-level monitoring for companies managing huge numbers of

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UAF spec process

Webinar Notes: Air Filter Consideration In Solar Equipment Optimization

Dan Krupp, director of sales and engineering at Universal Air Filter, recently presented a webinar hosted by the Solar Power World team outlining the most essential considerations regarding specification and design of air filters and filter assemblies. What follows is taken from this discussion. Cooling and filtration systems are found in almost all power generating

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Dan Krupp

Common Questions About Air Filters For Solar Power Equipment

The following Q&A session is from a webinar presented by Dan Krupp, director of sales and engineering at Universal Air Filters and hosted by Solar Power World on March 12, 2014. Solar Power World: How often do air filters for PV inverters and other equipment need to be replaced? Dan Krupp: That’s a good question, and

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Greg Butterfield

Contractors Corner Podcast: Vivint Solar

Greg Butterfield, CEO of Vivint Solar, talks about what he sees as the best value proposition going today: residential solar power. In this episode of Contractors Corner, Butterfield breaks down the key to Vivint Solar’s explosive growth. “When someone’s willing to give a family member’s name or a referral to a neighbor, that means you’re

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Solar Speaks: Stop Improvising Your Racking Installations, Folks!

  There’s a new white paper on improving quality control in residential rooftop solar installations. The white paper is titled “The Importance of Reliable Solar Mounting Systems” and as co-written by an impressive list of racking-and-mounting companies (including Quick Mount PV, HatiCon Solar and Orion Solar Racking), one well-known installer (Cinnamon Solar) and Solar Marketing Group. The

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Webinar – Landfill Solar: How To Mount On Moving Ground And Take Part In A Growing Trend

Live webinar was March 27, 2014. To watch this webinar on demand, fill out the form below.  PanelClaw and GameChange Racking present ways to effectively and efficiently mount solar on landfills. In addition, developer SunEdison – which will soon build a high-profile 10-MW array at NYC’s Freshkills Park, a former landfill – discusses the development

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Webinar: Battery Backup for Grid-Tied PV Systems

Live webinar is Tuesday, April 22 at 2 PM Eastern.  An engaging and succinct one-hour webinar covering battery-based backup systems for new or existing conventional grid-tied solar electric systems present by Doug Pratt from SimpleRay. Simple, fully-automated, easy to install solutions for happy customers and profitable dealers will be presented. Common problems and pitfalls will

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