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Adara Power energy storage system approved for solar + storage installation in Hawaii

Adara Power, a privately-held Silicon Valley company committed to providing safe, reliable, intelligent, and connected energy storage, announces that the Adara Energy Storage System has been added to the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) list of qualified equipment for customer self supply (CSS) installations. Residential solar customers in Hawaii are now able to install rooftop solar

CleanFund and Soligent partner to help installers sell more solar to commercial building owners

CleanFund, s specialty direct provider of long-term PACE financing for renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation and seismic improvements to commercial properties in the U.S., and Soligent, the largest-volume B-to-B pure play distributor of solar system products in the U.S., have entered a partnership to help solar equipment dealers sell more solar energy systems to

Solar-Log SCADA will monitor and control 5.6-MW rooftop solar portfolio

Canada-based solar wholesale distributor and EPC, Frankensolar Americas Inc., is working with the Solar Income Fund to deploy solar PV plants on 25 elementary and secondary schools owned by Canada’s Greater Essex District County School Board. The schools are centered around Windsor, Ontario and the rooftop solar PV plants will range from 80kWdc to 567kWdc.

Meteodyn to enter solar energy market

Meteodyn, world expert in wind resource assessment and wind farm design, has developed a solar PV software. meteodyn PV is now available to all solar plants developers, operators, engineers and consultants. This professional software is dedicated to large scale solar projects. Meteodyn PV software assess solar resource and production to analyze site suitability. meteodyn PV

6 steps to securing debt financing for your next commercial solar project

By Graham Smith, CEO of Open Energy The commercial solar industry has historically been stymied by a lack of access to capital. One of the fundamental causes of this is the complexity and variability of projects, which often leads to higher transaction costs and deters lenders from channeling capital into the sector. There is also a

ATI finalizes solar tracker shipments to 191-MW Springbok 2 solar farm

Global solar tracking leader, Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI), has finalized DuraTrack HZ v3 single-axis tracker shipments to 191 MW-dc Springbok 2 Solar Farm, located 70 miles north of Los Angeles, California. Combined with the 137 MW-dc Springbok 1 Solar Farm, which also features DuraTrack HZ v3 trackers, the two new solar facilities are expected to offset

Obama Administration sets goal to bring 1 GW of solar to low, moderate-income families by 2020

U.S. solar power has only grown since President Obama took office. A fact sheet from The White House notes that during the last 8 years solar electricity generation has increased 30 fold and solar jobs are growing 12 times faster than the rest of the economy. System costs have been cut by more than 70%. Now,

SEPA issues 2015 solar market snapshot

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) announces the release of its 2015 Solar Market Snapshot, which tracks key trends and market insights in the U.S. market for solar and other distributed energy resources. Based on SEPA’s annual Solar Market Survey of hundreds of utilities across the country, the report provides a clear picture of a

Adara Power adds smart home energy to off-grid sustainable dwelling

Adara Power proudly announces the installation of an 8.6 kWh lithium-ion Adara Energy Storage System in The Arc House – presented by Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics – a factory-built 432 square foot residence that combines the economy and simplicity of tiny house living with cutting-edge building science. “When we were selected to participate

How rapid shutdown can make module-level electronics more economic

By Chris Janin, program director for solar energy technology, and Tim Galligan, instructor and editor, at Ecotech Insitute As the price of solar drops, small margins—even as small at $.05 per watt—will separate the successful solar entrepreneur from the also-ran. People and companies able to adapt to changes and maneuver through the moving parts of