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Maui Solar Project

Maui Solar Project has seen tremendous growth over the last year. Our residential sales sky rocketed with the utility losing the ties on grid saturation. In addition we installed a 1.3-MW Feed in Tariff system. MSP will hold the Operating and Maintenance contract for this project for the next 20 years. We are proud to say we will be continued leaders on the Hawaiian island for many years to come.

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2015 Top 500 Solar Contractors


Top 500 Rank #161

Total Megawatts Installed 2014 3.000 Company Founded2008
Employees18 LocationKahului, Hawaii
Primary Market Web Site
Primary ServiceRooftop Contractor  


2014 Top 400 Solar Contractors


Top 400 Rank #259

Total Megawatts Installed 20130.5 Employees15