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Lumos Solar

Lumos Solar is dedicated to providing differentiated, high value solar energy products ideal for multiple design applications. In 2014, Lumos Solar merged with sister company, Lighthouse Solar of Boulder, Colorado and Austin, Texas, to integrate solar EPC/installation services into the business. Lumos Solar provides full service PV solar solutions and installation services for residential and commercial customers in Colorado and Eastern Texas. Our mission is to facilitate the use of clean, free and renewable solar energy. With a focus on the needs of the home or business owner,  Lumos Solar guarantees all aspects of the installed system will be designed and installed to the highest standards of quality and precision, and all work is warranted for the lifetime of the system.  Lumos Solar will exceed expectations.

2014 Top 400 Solar Contractors


Top 400 Rank #89

Total Megawatts Installed 20136 Employees50