itek Energy Develop New Solar Module Plant In Minneapolis

Solar manufacturer itek Energy will open a new plant in Minneapolis to produce advanced photovoltaic modules for residential and commercial systems. The facility will begin output in early 2015. Founded in 2009 in Bellingham, Wash., itek Energy has seen outstanding growth thanks to continued reinvest- ment in the latest solar manufacturing technology, both in equipment

SolarWorld Expands Panel and Advanced Cell Production

SolarWorld, a crystalline silicon solar producer in the Americas, will add a solar-panel production line in Hillsboro to bring the panel-assembly factory’s capacity up to 530 megawatts (MW) and expand advanced cell production capacity by 100 MW and add 200 jobs. Details of the announcements include: SolarWorld’s new line will increase annual solar-panel production capacity from 380

UL Presents Four Posters During SPI

We’ve always been fascinated by the poster sections of trade shows. When we heard that UL (Underwriters Laboratories) was presenting four posters at SPI, we asked them to share what you could have learned if you’d had the chance to attend them all: BoS Is No BS — You Must Install Them Properly By Christian Storbeck,

Top Solar Contractors Gala Recognizes Companies Building The Industry

By Frank Andorka, Senior Editor Velvet ropes. Twinkling lights. Inspirational speeches. Celebrities everywhere you look. The Oscars? No — better. The solar stars were out in force last night at the Solar Power World Top 400 Contractors Gala, which kicked off Solar Power International (SPI) last night in Las Vegas. Contractors from across the country

What’s Really Going On With The New Fire Regulations?

Senior Editor Frank Andorka has been getting emails on a regular basis from installers in California who are worried about the coming fire regulations, mandated by the state’s fire marshall to be in place on Jan. 1, 2015. There’s confusion about what exactly the regulations do, when they will apply and what to do after the

Solar Speaks: Why The U.S. Attracts International Investment

As the European market matures and offers investors slow, steady growth (instead of the spectacular growth of recent years), investors and developers are looking to finance projects in markets that promise growth. That’s where the United States comes in. The U.S. market is white hot, and the growth in the past few years has encouraged new

How to Evaluate Soft Cost Reduction Strategies: An SPI Guide

By Pam Cargill, Special to Solar Power World Planning soft cost reductions is a strategy game, one affected heavily by policy framework. The wider an installer’s territory, the more complexity they must work within. This complexity requires tracking details like an AHJ’s design requirements/code cycles/turnaround timelines, incentive program deadlines and changes, and local utility interconnection policies

SunEnergy1 Installs JinkoSolar Panels For Duke Energy

SunEnergy1 is installing JinkoSolar panels at the Duke Energy Renewables-owned Capital Partners Solar Project in eastern North Carolina. The solar project was announced June 24 as a unique partnership among three customers — George Washington University, American University and the George Washington University Hospital — that will bring solar power from rural North Carolina to the urban settings

You Think Solar Isn’t Mainstream? Think Again

By Kelcy Pegler Jr., Solar Power World Contributor Solar is a huge success story for the renewable energy industry, which has grown exponentially in recent years — to the point where you can now find solar panels in more and more places. Solar power is energizing some of the most iconic locations throughout the world:

Reducing Installation Costs of Ground-Mounting Solar Arrays

By Brandon Wronski, Special To Solar Power World Cost reduction is at the top of the priority list for manufacturers, installers, contractors and consumers alike. Especially is this true in renewable energy markets.  Lowering installation costs decreases the overall cost of the project and means a more level playing field with fossil fuel competition. This ultimately