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Kelly Pickerel

Kelly Pickerel has over a decade of experience reporting on the U.S. solar industry and is currently editor in chief of Solar Power World.


  1. Jason Crist says

    This is wonderful information and thank you Kelly. I’m curious, I have a 6 acre parcel in Northern California, am going to be building in 2-3 months, I am looking to determine where on the land would I place solar as I don’t want it on the house. Do you have a site or program you would recommend to help with placement, angle, etc? Thank you for your support.

  2. James W Mathewson says

    I need information on how to install a 2 axis solar panel mast other than simply digging a deep, wide hole and filling it with concrete. Ideas included multiple footings tied together and supporting one central pole. Another might be a star-shaped footing that is shallow rather than deep. Please help.

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