Back to school with solar energy

The students of Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda, FL are learning a valuable lesson in sustainability this year, as they did for the first time last year, as a solar electric and thermal solar energy systems were installed in their new school. SANYO’s HIT Double Bi-Facial Solar Panels connect two buildings on the campus.

Educating about renewable energy

PV panel manufacturer SANYO North America Corporation and the Miyako Hybrid Hotel will offer learning sessions for 108 fifth-grade students from Arlington Elementary School this Friday Nov 4. The classes will be held at the hotel and combine the environmental and clean energy sessions offered by SANYO as part of the Panasonic Kids School Eco

Solar manufacturer teams with tracking system for higher efficiency

While at Solar Power International last month I learned that solar panel manufacturer SANYO North America Corporation has partnered with PV Trackers, manufacturer of solar ground-mounted tracking systems. The companies say the combination provides the world’s most efficient solar PV system for large commercial and utility scale projects. The added efficiencies allow power plants to reach

Speaking with Sanyo at SPI

While at Solar Power International in Dallas last month I had the chance to stop by and speak with SANYO’s North America Corporation Solar & Smart Energy Division. The PV solar manufacturer shared news of their partnering with PV Trackers and BrightGrid, as well as their battery system. Launching its initial solar products in the 1970s,

Long Beach City College goes solar

Long Beach City College has opened a new parking structure on campus with over 400-kW of solar. The system over the 900-car lot was installed to fully-power security lights, elevators, four emergency phones on each leve, and fire protection systems. Excess power being generated will be used by adjacent buildings on campus. The project used

Hybrid solar panel generates more power

A manufacturer of solar panels has developed a model it says has the most PTC watts on the market and can generate up to 10% more electricity than conventional crystalline. Sanyo North America Corp. says the 225A solar module is the most efficient HIT Power solar module launched to date in the U.S. The panel

23% Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency

Once again the record for the world’s highest energy conversion efficiency has been broken for crystalline silicon-type solar cells. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. has achieved an efficiency of 23.0%, breaking their previous record of 22.3%, at a research level for its proprietary HIT solar photovoltaic cells. The full details can be downloaded here, but the