Solar Speaks: Keeping PACE with solar financing

President Obama’s announcement of the Clean Energy Savings For All Initiative is intended to help more homeowners afford solar by opting into solar energy at no up-front cost. In light of this recent news we’re speaking to Ygrene CMO Louis Lalonde and general manager of Solar & Storage Mark Colby. Ygrene has funded nearly $473

How To Speak Solar With Your Local/Regional Banks

Solar installers, EPCs and project developers had just started breathing sighs of relief because they had finally helped institutional banks, like Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch and Citibank, understand solar industry economics. But while utility-scale projects are finding it easier to get funding, there’s still a lack of it in the small-commercial and residential segments. Community

Webinar: How To Sell Solar To Your Local Bank

Join us for 60 minutes of question and answer on how to sell solar to your local bank. Our distinguished panelists, drawn from some of the most innovative funding organizations in the country, have agreed to spend an hour answering your questions on financing small-commercial and residential projects through smaller, less institutional funding organizations. Get

How To Bring More Financing To C&I Solar Projects

By Mike McGuire, Special To Solar Power World The solar industry is growing rapidly, but a vast opportunity for development remains untapped with commercial and industrial (C&I) properties owned by less-than-investment-grade offtakers. The challenge thus far has been the inability to underwrite and score the credit of both the properties and the offtakers efficiently and

What Will Be The Best Way In 2015 To Fund Solar Projects?

It’s no secret that 2013 was a good year for solar. The industry saw record growth in 2013 — with an increase of 41% of installed capacity — making it the fastest growing renewable energy source and second only to natural gas. The United States saw the installation of more than 4.5 GW of solar

A Conversation With Arno Harris of Recurrent Energy, Part One

As the commercial sector drove much of the growth in the solar industry in 2013, Recurrent Energy led the way. The company worked with Google, MetLife and Duke Energy, just to name  few. To say Recurrent has developed projects for some of the heavy hitters in the commercial sector would undersell its accomplishments. We talked to

Video: SolarCity and Honda Team Up To Finance Residential Solar

SolarCity and Honda have teamed up to make solar more affordable to Honda and Acura customers in the U.S. The partnership, which is aimed at addressing global climate change, establishes a $65 million investment fund to finance solar projects on the homes of Honda and Acura owners. The companies say millions of customers and hundreds

Show me the money

A variety of financing options give the solar industry a chance to shine. Solar projects are cropping up across the country. Whether you’re talking about residential, commercial and utility projects, the volume of deals being closed this year is impressive, and there are few signs the markets will slow down. To meet those growing needs, funding

Utility-Scale PV Plant Optimization Summit Nov. 2011

As 2011 draws to a close the stabilization of module prices has led experts to predict that balance of systems will assume a majority share of a PV project’s total cost within a year. In 2010 BoS costs accounted for approximately 44.8% of utility scale crystalline silicon project, with that percentage forecast to increase to

A company that can help get more solar developed

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, there are currently 16,688 MW’s of utility-scale solar PV in development in the U.S., but only 296 MW are operational. Opportunities continue to emerge–25 states have adopted aggressive renewable energy portfolio standards (RPS)–but the challenges to get a project from development to operational are immense. As IPPs and