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Enphase Offers New Products To Reduce Installation And Operation Costs

Enphase Energy has expanded its system with new hardware and software products that it says will lower solar system installation and operations costs for solar professionals. New hardware includes a Wi-Fi option for the Envoy Communications Gateway and M215 Microinverter with integrated ground for faster and more flexible installs. In addition, new Enlighten software products,

enphase energy microinverter

A more efficient microinverter

The more efficient the microinverter the better, right? One of the most efficient on the market incorporates innovations in power electronics and custom microchips to achieve a 96% weighted CEC efficiency. The M215 from Enphase Energy also includes a 25-year warranty, which is great news for high-performance installations such as commercial solar systems. One of the

Solar Energy's new installation will be even larger than the company's installation in Dawsonville, Ga., the previous record holder.

Georgia solar company to install North Georgia’s largest solar project

The small town of Dahlonega, Georgia will soon be home to the largest commercial solar array in North Georgia. The install is being handled by Solar Energy USA. Patrons of Northview Orthopaedic Associates will see a live TV feed of the solar power that is being generated to power medical devices. Solar Energy USA of


A microinverter that’s more realiable

Solar microinverter manufacturer Enphase Energy offers field data demonstrating the reliability of its technology. The data, collected separately and independently by Westinghouse Solar and SunEdison over a two-year period from 2008–2010, shows the reliability of microinverters is 45 to 70 times greater than traditional central inverters. This level of field-proven reliability allows installers and system

The Enphase Microinverter works in conjunction with the Envoy communications gateway and the Enlighten website.

Microinverters can make a major difference

Solar power production is affected by module mis-match, obstruction shading, inter-row shading, and dust or debris. In addition, non-uniform changes in temperature, irradiance, and shading create complex current-voltage curves, further affecting energy harvest. This is because in traditional systems the performance of the entire system is dictated by the performance of the weakest module. Microinverters

Enphase Energy designed a new microinverter system to improve the reliability, maintainability, and energy output of solar arrays while offering scalability to meet the diverse solar energy needs of homes and businesses.

Analyzing a New Solar Power Generator

by Laura Carrabine, Senior Editor Company uses reliability and predictability software to analyze a solar power system. Enphase Energy designed a new microinverter unit to create a scalable, distributed solar power generation system. In traditional solar energy installations, a single central-ized inverter converts direct current (DC) energy to grid-compliant alternating current (AC) energy. One inverter