New Mexico hosts North America’s largest utility-scale CPV plant

During the Solar Power International show last week I had a chance to speak with Amonix Inc.  The CPV manufacturer says it’s powering North America’s largest utility-scale CPV power plant, a 5-MW facility in Hatch, New Mexico. The Hatch Solar Energy Center  has 84 Amonix 60-kW system and generates enough electricity to supply approximately 1,300 homes

French CPV technology finds a place in the southwestern states

While at Solar Power International last week I had the chance to stop by Soitec’s booth and hear what the French CPV manufacturer was up to. The company discussed a recent 1-MW facility in New Mexico, which is owned by Chevron and includes Soitec’s solar-power systems. Soitec says their CPV systems use Fresnel lenses to

NREL to compare high-efficiency solar cells from 3 nations

NREL is partnering with major international industrial technology and solar research organizations to test how solar cells from three manufacturers perform in two geographic locations with different lighting conditions. A primary goal of the study is to assess how panels from three different manufacturers– the United States, Japan, and Germany–perform under different average lighting conditions

Mexican 500-kW CPV plant largest in South America

CPV manufacturer Skyline Solar has introduced its Skyline X14 System, which is says has been selected for a 500-kW concentrated photovoltaic plant slated for construction in Durango, Mexico. DelSol Systems, a Mexican solar integrator, will construct the project, which will be the largest CPV plant in Latin America.   The Skyline X14 improves upon Skyline

IBM Creates “Cooling Liquid” Which Significantly Reduces Costs For CPV

IBM announced a research breakthrough in PV technology that could significantly reduce the cost of harnessing the Sun’s power for electricity. By mimicking the antics of a child using a magnifying glass to burn a leaf or a camper to start a fire, IBM scientists are using a large lens to concentrate the Sun’s power,