System 3

System 3 Inc. is a specialty electrical and utility construction contractor, with experience in general engineering, procurement, construction and consulting services. Our portfolio of services includes utility, wind, hydroelectric, and solar. We’ve built on a hillside in the Virgin Islands for a $9.5 million solar project. We’ve safely incorporated new solar technology for a complex, $1.5 million project to leverage the desert sun. We understand the power of solar energy. And we know how to deliver it. We can function as an electrical, general, EPC and project developer. We do all scopes, including module placement and DC & AC wiring.

2015 Top 500 Solar Contractors


Top 500 Rank #81

Total Megawatts Installed 2014 9.430 Company Founded2001
Employees250 LocationCarmichael, California
Primary Market Web Site
Primary ServiceElectrical Subcontractor