Suncrest Solar

Our mission is simple—save our customers money on their energy bills by using green energy to conserve our planet’s natural resources. We do this through quality service, a compelling product, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. This preserves our neighborhoods and our planet for future generations. We’re driven by the fact that we can support a better environment while saving homeowners money. We look forward to helping America go green, one lower energy bill at a time. Suncrest is one of the fastest growing companies in residential solar power industry. We provide full service to our customers from sales to interconnection. Today, our foot print is all over Southern California but we are rapidly expanding our service area to cover all of California and other states. Our team of sales representatives, field specialists, engineers, installers, and electricians will ensure that our customers get the best in class service and can enjoy the benefits of solar power in their homes.

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2015 Top 500 Solar Contractors


Top 500 Rank #162

Total Megawatts Installed 2014 3.000 Company Founded2013
Employees200 LocationSalt Late City, Utah
Primary Market Web Site
Primary ServiceEPC