PetersenDean Roofing and Solar

We understand how difficult it can be to pick a company to do something as important as re-roofing your home or as challenging as installing a solar power system. PetersenDean has installed top-quality roofing and solar products for residential and commercial customers since 1984. Our trucks are just as likely to be seen outside a large commercial construction project, as they are to be seen in front of your neighbor’s home. Founded on the principle that the highest standards are achieved only by utilizing quality workmanship and materials, PetersenDean’s commitment to quality, safety and our customers has made us the roofing contractor of choice for the country’s top home builders. The company is headquartered in Northern California, and operates 15 regional offices in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Texas. PetersenDean has grown to be the largest privately held roofing contractor and solar power installer in the United States.

2015 Top 500 Solar Contractors


Top 500 Rank #76

Total Megawatts Installed 2014 10.000 Company Founded1984
Employees4000 LocationFremont, California
Primary Market Web Site
Primary ServiceRooftop Contractor