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Mercury Solar Systems

Mercury Solar Systems is one of the leading installers of solar energy services on the East Coast. We have completed nearly 2,000 solar installations of varying complexity for our commercial, non-profit and residential customer base.

Our team has decades of industry experience in electrical and structural engineering; solar energy system design and installation; and, solar project finance.  Since our founding in 2006, we have set out to redefine the role of solar companies by offering the highest level of customer service in the industry while providing turnkey engineering,

2014 Top 400 Solar Contractors


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Total Megawatts Installed 2013 Employees


2012 Top Solar Contractors


Top 250 Rank #77

Total Megawatts Installed 20124.4 Employees130


2012 Top Solar Contractors


Top 100 Rank #27

Total Megawatts Installed 20119.96 Employees160