itek Energy Develop New Solar Module Plant In Minneapolis

Solar manufacturer itek Energy will open a new plant in Minneapolis to produce advanced photovoltaic modules for residential and commercial systems. The facility will begin output in early 2015. Founded in 2009 in Bellingham, Wash., itek Energy has seen outstanding growth thanks to continued reinvest- ment in the latest solar manufacturing technology, both in equipment

Sandia National Laboratories researcher Vitalie Stavila inserts a substrate patterned with electrodes into a temperature-controlled liquid-phase reactor for depositing MOF thin films. Sandia’s research team plans to combine MOFs with dye-sensitized solar cells, a technique it believes will lead to advancements in photovoltaic technology. (Photo by Dino Vournas)

Sandia Labs Receives SunShot Award To Improve Solar Efficiency

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have received a $1.2 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative to develop a technique that they believe will significantly improve the efficiencies of photovoltaic materials and help make solar electricity cost-competitive with other sources of energy. The work builds on Sandia’s recent successes with metal-organic framework


SolarReserve Aquires Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Concentrating Solar Power Business

SolarReserve, a developer of large-scale solar power projects and solar thermal technology, has acquired Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) business. The acquisition includes intellectual property (IP) rights and patents related to molten salt technology for concentrating solar-thermal power and electricity storage applications, as well as heliostat designs and collector field control systems. “The technology


SolarWorld Expands Panel and Advanced Cell Production

SolarWorld, a crystalline silicon solar producer in the Americas, will add a solar-panel production line in Hillsboro to bring the panel-assembly factory’s capacity up to 530 megawatts (MW) and expand advanced cell production capacity by 100 MW and add 200 jobs. Details of the announcements include: SolarWorld’s new line will increase annual solar-panel production capacity from 380

TripSaver II Cutout-Mounted Recloser

Reclosers Save Florida From Power Outages

S&C Electric Company recently announced an agreement with Florida Power & Light (FPL) for S&C’s TripSaver II Cutout-Mounted Reclosers to be installed throughout the utility’s system to reduce momentary outages for its 4.7 million customers. As part of its commitment to Florida, S&C will make a $3 million investment to expand its operations in the


UL Presents Four Posters During SPI

We’ve always been fascinated by the poster sections of trade shows. When we heard that UL (Underwriters Laboratories) was presenting four posters at SPI, we asked them to share what you could have learned if you’d had the chance to attend them all: BoS Is No BS — You Must Install Them Properly By Christian Storbeck,


What Is SolarTAC?

Outdoor facility takes emerging technology testing to the next level By: Michelle DiFrangia, Special To SPW The Solar Technology Acceleration Center (SolarTAC) is the largest multi-user outdoor research, testing, development and demonstration facility in the world. SolarTAC offers its members the opportunity to perform proprietary and collaborative research, development and demonstration activities that accelerate solar


SunEnergy1 Installs JinkoSolar Panels For Duke Energy

SunEnergy1 is installing JinkoSolar panels at the Duke Energy Renewables-owned Capital Partners Solar Project in eastern North Carolina. The solar project was announced June 24 as a unique partnership among three customers — George Washington University, American University and the George Washington University Hospital — that will bring solar power from rural North Carolina to the urban settings


Quick Mount PV Extends Warranty To 20 Years On Mounts

Quick Mount PV has doubled warranty coverage for its line of solar roof mounts to 20 years. Effective Sept. 1, all solar mounts featuring the company’s patented technologies — QBlock, QBase and QHook — will be covered with a 20-year limited product warranty. The company says its top-notch engineering, ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing, and years of field

gensun charge controllers

Manufacturers Partner On Off-Grid Solar Charge Controllers

Blue Sky Energy, provider of off-grid solutions and Genasun, which specializes in solar charge controllers, announce a partnership to offer an extensive lineup of power electronics for the off-grid power and begin co-development of new off-grid products. Through combining their product offerings, logistics management, and order processing, the Genasun-Blue Sky Energy partnership will streamline operations for distributors,