Software lets installers assess solar glare for sensitive areas

Solar glare assessments are needed for solar power plants, when drivers or pilots of cars, planes or the railroad are in danger of being distracted by solar reflections. Neighbors, too, have a right to be protected from unreasonable glint and glare. New software for Solar Glare Assessment now allow a detailed simulation in three-dimensional space.

What happens when an east-west solar array isn’t perfectly east-west?

By Paul Grana, co-founder, Folsom Labs East-west arrays are an increasingly popular configuration in the commercial solar market. With low module prices, it makes sense to trade a slight decrease in module productivity for greater overall system power production. By placing modules back-to-back, designers can avoid clearances for module shading, and can fit many more

What kind of software do solar contractors need?

By Pamela Cargill, Principal at Chaolysti An update to last year’s software usage article “Will Software Eat the Solar Industry?” The primary functionality of many solar-specific software offerings has been to automate routine tasks required to develop customer proposals. This was coupled with innovative financial service offerings that drove the rapid rise in third-party ownership

Shade and solar arrays: How 10% shade tolerance is re-shaping project design

By Paul Grana, co-founder, Folsom Labs Solar engineers and developers are always thinking about shading that could encumber their solar arrays. After all, when your goal is to turn sunlight into money, anything that reduces that sunlight is bad. “Avoid shade” is one of those rules that is easy to say but complicated to deliver.

How can today’s solar software help residential installers?

Solar software helps solar installers accelerate and streamline their sales and design processes. In fact, with modern solar software, an installer can easily pre-design projects and develop a sales proposal before they even meet a homeowner. They can know ahead of time where the modules will go on a roof and how much money a

Modernize launches ModSun solar cost calculator for homeowners nationwide

Modernize, the online service that connects homeowners with contractors specializing in energy-efficient home improvement projects, today announced the launch of ModSun, an easy-to-use residential solar panel cost calculator focused on providing a transparent, human-centered approach to going solar. Powered by the only solar resource with nationwide Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data, ModSun accurately maps

Meteodyn to enter solar energy market

Meteodyn, world expert in wind resource assessment and wind farm design, has developed a solar PV software. meteodyn PV is now available to all solar plants developers, operators, engineers and consultants. This professional software is dedicated to large scale solar projects. Meteodyn PV software assess solar resource and production to analyze site suitability. meteodyn PV

Five ways CURB takes solar installers beyond the sun

By Allie Buckmaster, product experience associate, CURB How do solar installers move from pitch to sale? For many companies, it’s a roll of the dice. How do they keep the customer interested in them instead of the other companies? CURB allows solar installers to distinguish themselves by selling more than just solar. CURB sells knowledge,

Fronius launches interactive online platform Fronius SOS to support installers

Fronius Solar Online Support (Fronius SOS) is an interactive platform that assists solar installers in identifying state codes1 and troubleshooting any issues in the field without having to call Fronius Technical Support. The application also aids the installer in the repair or replacement of an inverter or its components. The installer can effortlessly launch the applicable

Geostellar launches nationwide solar program for health care system facilities, employees and patients

Geostellar, the nation’s first and largest online solar marketplace, recently announced at Intersolar North America the launch of Solar.Clinic, a program for health care systems to go solar and offer solar energy to their employees, patients and community members. Working in partnership with Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth, the program was launched with health systems Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals based in Northeast