Why Is Networking Important In A Solar Project?

From utility-grade to residential solar installations, networking infrastructures are the keys to a good monitoring system. This, in turn, will affect the efficiency of the energy production. The advent of transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP), the prevalence of Ethernet and mobile-networking technologies, opens the possibility of allowing the field engineers, solar-equipment providers or the power


Solar Speaks: Is Shortening The Sales Cycle Possible?

We’ve actually seen Helioscope, a design and production-measurement software, in use twice, and we came away impressed with its capabilities. So we invited the product’s developers — Paul Gibbs and Paul Grana of Folsom Labs — to discuss why they felt the software was necessary and the feedback they are receiving from their current customers. We


How To Shorten The Solar Sales Process For Success

Customer requests, such as migrating a 120kW array from rooftop (left) to carport (right), can be incorporated directly by the salesperson when using sales software. By Paul Grana and Paul Gibbs, Special To Solar Power World The commercial solar sales process is complicated. A sales team must understand the customer’s goals, propose a PV system


ModSolar Expands To Germany, Australia And The UK

Philadelphia-based software developer ModSolar recently announced that it will be expanding internationally, making their software available in Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom, this summer. “These are the first International solar markets we are ready to serve, but they will not be the last, as we continue to refine and enhance the ModSolar platform with

Real-time voltage drop allows you to quickly make sure you are within your design tolerances.

Folsom Labs Adds New Features To HelioScope

Solar software developer Folsom Labs recently added new functions to the mechanical and electrical design sections of HelioScope, an advanced PV system design tool that combines Google Maps-integrated design tools with a sophisticated physics engine to streamline workflow for system engineers. New Functions Include: Automatic Row Spacing: Use your preferred metrics to automatically set row spacing.


Get Solar Quotes Instantly With Only A Street Address

Sungevity’s Instant Solar Quote (Instant iQuote) is the first technology capable of generating residential solar installation quotes instantly based on nothing more than a street address. Both Instant iQuote and Sungevity’s earlier-generation iQuote technology eliminate the need for time-consuming and capital-intensive home visits to design and price residential solar installations. The new instant quote ability


PowerTrans First Ethernet Swtiches To Meet IEC Requirments

Moxa recently introduced its new PowerTrans PT-7528 series, the world’s first Ethernet switches with MMS data modeling to fulfill the requirements of the IEC 61850-90-4 standard outlining network engineering guidelines for Communication Networks and Systems in Substations. Support for IEC 61850-90-4 means that Moxa PT-7528 Ethernet switches can be controlled, monitored and managed via a


Design Solar On The Go With This App

The new app EasySolar allows solar professionals to work on the go, while staying in touch with their team. The EasySolar app also allows managing sales, providing financial analysis, preparing and modifying professional offers and more. -GPS allows verifying the an area’s irradiation. -Shadow simulation allows verifying potential shadowing while meeting with a customer. -Measure rooftop incline by simply


The Solar Revolution Comes To Boston As PV America Shines

By Frank Andorka, Editorial Director Amid a potentially landmark compromise between the Massachusetts solar industry and its utilities to further the industry’s interests in the state, PV America descended on Boston’s convention center, filled with optimism and excitement for the future of the solar industry. The only cloud in the sunny skies above the city


Develop A Proposal In 5 Minutes With enACT Platform

Solar and energy efficiency installers and developers spend up to 30% of their revenue in sales and customer acquisition costs, says enACT Systems. To reduce transaction costs and connect providers to more customers, the company is launching its new open-source software-as-a-service platform. The software platform integrates the entire sales process, from sales origination to proposal