How has design software evolved?

Design software has many different uses, touching every aspect of the solar development process. Paul Grana, founder of Folsom Labs, explained that design software may be used in the beginning sales process by measuring the size, cost and expected energy yield of the array. “Then, design software can help engage the customer, generating high-quality imagery and in


Solar Monitoring: The value of multiple points of data

Much like a new car, solar monitoring and control systems have options available to the owner and operator. And much like car options, some monitoring upgrades are important and relatively inexpensive, some are nice to have and other things really make the site a Rolls Royce system. It’s up to you (and the budget) as


Aerial prospecting with precision

Google Maps was a pioneering technology for remote solar prospecting. Installers could scroll across neighborhoods, picking the best south-facing roofs with the fewest apparent shading issues. They could make rough measurements, estimating roof tilt, and build a sales proposal. They could drive up to a house—one with a sunny property, or so it seemed according


SunShot announces Solar Software Start-Up winners

The Energy Department announced the five winners of the first round of the SunShot Catalyst prize competition, which were chosen out of 17 finalist start-ups that demonstrated their solar energy software solutions before a packed house and a panel of judges in San Francisco on May 14. Winners received $30,000 each to help advance their


smartblue AG introduces solar data logger

smartblue AG now offers its recently developed Smartblue data logger as part of its PV monitoring system. The data logger is a simple, easily organized data acquisition equipment connected with the cloud based Smartblue portal. The components of the modular data logger are supplied from industrial automation hardware specialist, Phoenix Contact. Smartblue then integrates the


Vaisala launches new thunderstorm tracking and lightning alert application

Vaisala is pleased to announce the release of Thunderstorm Manager, a cutting-edge professional application for tracking approaching storms and warning of imminent threats from lightning, for any location on Earth. Thunderstorm Manager combines data from Vaisala’s US National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) and Vaisala’s GLD360, the network that delivers high quality, truly global lightning coverage,


Seven ways to sell with solar design software: the personalized sale

Advanced software tools help enable new sales techniques that were not available in the past. In this series, we will describe the most common sales techniques and show how software tools can help you use them yourself. Customers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big businesses, others are empty nesters. Some are power-hungry,


3megawatt’s BluePoint software supports solar in 15 countries

3megawatt GmbH announced its BluePoint solar asset management platform is now used to manage operational solar sites in 15 countries.  Recent countries added include the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. 3megawatt’s expanding country support is keeping pace with the solar industry’s growth and internationalization. With support for countries in Europe, Americas, Asia


Folsom Labs receives $1 million to expand Helioscope PV design software

Folsom Labs, the San Francisco-based developer of HelioScope, has raised a $1MM round of funding from leading industry executives. The capital will be used to expand HelioScope to become a full end-to-end solar software solution, from initial customer lead to final close. “HelioScope is already a phenomenal PV design tool, and we have the opportunity


New version and app of PV*SOL with lithium-ion solar battery storage

Valentin Software has updated its design software PV*SOL and PV*SOL premium and adapted the programs to reflect the latest developments in the market.The result is that the detailed design, visualization and in particular yield calculation of photovoltaic systems has become even more relevant. New lithium-ion battery model for battery storage systems In both variants, PV*SOL