Fronius attends Intersolar Europe

Intersolar Europe will take place in Munich, Germany, June 10th and 12th. Fronius will be presenting new products and solutions relating to project business, software, inverters, service and storage at its stand B3.230. “Intersolar Europe is a key event on our calendar every year. We are looking forward to showing visitors the latest products from


SunPower partners with EnerNOC to offer intelligence software to solar customers

EnerNOC Inc., a leading provider of energy intelligence software (EIS), and SunPower Corp., a leading global provider of solar solutions, announced a strategic agreement that will enable SunPower’s customers to verify the impact of their solar energy investments and drive optimum energy savings with EnerNOC’s world-class energy intelligence platform. Under the three-year agreement, EnerNOC will exclusively offer SunPower solar solutions to its enterprise


Seven ways to sell with solar design software: the optimization sale

Think about sales techniques like a set of golf clubs: A skilled golfer assesses the unique situation of each shot, and chooses the appropriate club each time. In the same way, a good salesperson will thoughtfully select the sales technique for each customer interaction. Advanced software tools help enable new sales techniques that were not

4 big problems for solar PV big data infographic article image

4 big problems for solar PV “big data”

Last week solar professionals registered from 32 countries gathered for a webinar putting the use of “big data” for solar PV asset care under a microscope. Conducted on March 19 by Solar Power World, a leading industry publication, and Alectris, a global solar PV asset care provider, the webinar “Drowning in Solar Data, but Starving for

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Developers can save money with wireless monitoring during construction

The Internet of Things (IoT), a technology trend of embedding tiny computers into networks of everyday devices to harvest and use data, has come to the solar industry through the partnership of balance of system provider Shoals Technologies Group and wireless solutions developer Synapse Wireless. Shoals envisioned a wireless monitoring system that could track a


Solar kiosks help market to the modern consumer

When envisioning a kiosk, one of those stands in the shopping mall may come to mind—selling everything from cell phone cases and sunglasses to calendars and bathtub installations. If puzzles and airbrushed T-shirts can sell in these stands, why not solar? The solar industry is taking to the kiosk trend in an effort to educate


BPS Asset Management looking for partner solar companies

BPS Asset Management is looking for 2­ to 3 companies to partner with to help build out more of its software to span the entire solar project lifecycle, from project development, design and construction to financing, monitoring, and operations and maintenance. In return, BPS Asset Management would provide the companies with a perpetual license of the


Seven ways to sell with solar design software: collaborative selling

As the solar industry continues its exponential growth, installers need creative ways to continue scaling their teams while maintaining their effectiveness. Many of the easiest solar deals have been closed, so the sales techniques that worked for the first 600,000 homes that went solar are not guaranteed to work for the next two million. One


Pecan Street launches free “check engine light” service for solar panel owners

Pecan Street has launched a free service to help solar panel owners discover maintenance issues with their systems nearly as soon as they occur. Pecan Street Sol is a check engine light for residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, providing customers with near-real-time maintenance status and performance information. The service automatically detects problems that could significantly reduce


Ecoppia launches advanced data for water-free solar panel cleaning robot

Ecoppia, an innovative developer of robotic, water-free photovoltaic (PV) solar panel cleaning solutions, announced the launch of its advanced E4 control system. With the integration of real-time and forecasted information on precipitation, cloudiness and air quality, Ecoppia now offers a more intelligent and reliable operation, and provides a comprehensive view of site conditions—helping site managers make