Software companies developing comprehensive tools

Today, all stages of solar project development—from customer identification to asset management—require work on the computer. Once done in Excel and CAD programs, software tools were created specifically for the solar industry to manage leads, create sales proposals, design projects and track operations. “While there has been a lot of innovation in the solar software

How software can help streamline your solar business

In a recent webinar Deep Chakrobotry, CEO of Enact Systems, discussed how software can help automate your solar business. Here’s a recap. You can watch the full webinar here. Distributed U.S. solar energy is expected to be a $30 billion market by 2020. But despite this rapid growth, there is also a downside. As shown

Open Energy partners with kWh Analytics to benchmark performance of commercial solar projects

Open Energy, an innovative commercial solar debt finance provider, has announced a partnership with kWh Analytics, the leading risk management software for solar energy investments. The partnership will allow Open Energy customers to view aggregated performance metrics across their asset portfolios while benchmarking this data against an entire network of projects. “Data aggregation is crucial for

Three ways to better your solar business

The following article is based on the Solar Power World webinar, “How to better your solar business.” The webinar is available for on-demand review here. The webinar, which first streamed March 30, 2016,   featured representatives enACT Systems, Pacefunding and Run on Sun. The solar business is ripe with challenges, including reducing soft costs, securing financing

How to calculate solar LCOE—and understand its values

Article by Samuel Adeyemo, COO at Aurora Solar The Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) is one of the residential solar industry’s most commonly used metrics. However, it is also one of the industry’s most poorly understood and incorrectly calculated metrics. If you’re like most solar professionals, you kind of understand LCOE. You may have referred to

Energy Toolbase, always tracking utility rates, offers timely financial analysis

Thousands of utilities run power grids across the country, and each has its own electricity rate structures and rules for customer-sited solar power generation. Regional and national solar developers, who already have their hands full with financing, permitting and construction issues, can be hard-pressed to understand utility rates and rules, too. Adding to the challenge

Introducing a new series about economics and solar from Aurora Solar

New sections of a multi-part series on residential solar financial analysis, and how it affects the design and sale of residential solar systems, will be published here, on Solar Power World, once a month. Written by Samuel Adeyemo, COO of Aurora Solar, the series aims to demonstrate how economic principles affect solar design, and to

How economic theory can help maximize profits from solar projects

Article by Samuel Adeyemo, COO at Aurora Solar A well-established concept in economic theory is the idea that profits are maximized when the marginal revenue earned from selling a good equals the marginal cost of producing that good. Marginal revenue means the amount of money you get for selling just one more unit of the product,

Design tools on solar mounting manufacturers websites simplify the ordering process

In the old days, ordering a solar mounting system was a manual process. Systems were designed by hand. Costs were calculated on spreadsheets. Purchase orders were sent in by mail. That process has certainly changed a lot since solar mounting manufacturers began adding powerful design tools to their websites. And as these tools increase in

SunPower collaborates with AT&T on solar internet-of-things technology

AT&T and SunPower have entered into an agreement that brings Internet of Things (IoT) technology to SunPower’s newest home energy solution — SunPower Equinox. The companies will also collaborate on co-marketing efforts to offer a SunPower home solar system to qualified AT&T customers this summer. SunPower recently released its SunPower Equinox system to homeowners in the