PVComplete adds NREL’s system advisor model

PVComplete announced the release of a new version of its eponymous solar CAD software. The latest PVComplete software features integrated energy production modeling of solar PV modules using NREL’s System Advisor Model (SAM). Now, with the click of a button, solar project designers can get annual and hourly solar energy production estimates for their project

Valentin Software to launch PV*SOL premium 2016

Berlin-based Valentin Software will launch the next generation of its design software PV*SOL premium at the end of this year. With significant new features, PV*SOL premium 2016 will make the process of designing a PV system even easier and faster. As with previous versions, the shading analysis of roof and ground-mounted systems in 3D mode

Unirac and Folsom Labs release integrated PV design tools

Unirac, Inc., a Hilti Group Company and leading provider of high quality, competitive PV mounting solutions in North America, and Folsom Labs, the new standard in PV design software, are proud to announce a milestone in the continued evolution of solar software integration. Projects designed in the HelioScope solar design platform can now be seamlessly

EagleView Technologies discusses aerial imaging for the solar industry

EagleView Technologies uses patented software to produce 3D models from aerial roof and wall measurements that are extremely accurate and detailed. Reports for the solar industry deliver all measurements needed for any solar installation project, including azimuth, square footage, line lengths and a CAD file of the property. Tim Rochman, director of strategic sales, discusses

GEOCF offers tool to automate siting, cash-flow analysis and project management

GeoCF,  Austin, Texas-based software company specializing in geospatial software solutions, introduces Smart Power Maps, the solar industry’s first comprehensive software platform for utility-scale solar project evaluation and development. Smart Power Maps gives solar developers, utilities and investors the ability to bring large-scale solar projects to market faster with lower cost of capital. Smart Power Maps

Solar deals are going digital

Solar is rapidly growing as more consumers seek the benefits of renewable power. The U.S. solar industry achieved another record year in 2014—growing by 34% compared with 2013—to install nearly 7,000 MW of solar electric capacity, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Given the track record of growth, solar conversion and popularity are predicted to

SolyMoly launches online shopping for solar energy

SolyMoly, a one-stop shop for the solar curious, announced its nationwide deployment. SolyMoly is designed to guide homeowners through the often-confusing process of making the switch to solar energy. Unlike competing services, which automatically map the entire surface area of a roof, SolyMoly is fully customizable, allowing homeowners to specify which area of the rooftop

NREL measures accuracy of remote shading analysis by Bright Harvest, residential PV design firm

If your sales pipeline is thick with opportunity, but your design team is running thin, a residential-solar design service may be the solution. One such company, Bright Harvest, uses remote shading analysis to design layouts for residential PV installers. NREL recently analyzed the company’s remote shading analysis technology. In a report, researchers said their investigation

Google is mapping rooftops to find solar potential

Google announced its plans to determine the planet’s solar potential though what it calls “Project Sunroof.” Here is a piece published on the company’s Green Blog explaining the project.  The cost of solar power is at a record low. A typical solar home can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on their electricity

5 potential solar high-flyers and industry movers

As solar continues to boom companies from storage, software and other fields are attracted to the potential for success in the industry.  At forum at Intersolar NA 2015, five new innovative companies spoke about becoming part of the solar revolution. Here’s a quick look at each. kWH Analytics: Solar risk management kWh Analytics helps the