SunPower collaborates with AT&T on solar internet-of-things technology

AT&T and SunPower have entered into an agreement that brings Internet of Things (IoT) technology to SunPower’s newest home energy solution — SunPower Equinox. The companies will also collaborate on co-marketing efforts to offer a SunPower home solar system to qualified AT&T customers this summer. SunPower recently released its SunPower Equinox system to homeowners in the

SunLink VERTEX project intelligence platform is now available in the App Store

SunLink Corporation’s next-generation, secure total project SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and solar performance monitoring platform VERTEX is now available for download in the Apple Store. Using the app’s customer portal, VERTEX subscribers gain protected access for their project stakeholders to both real-time data for their Control Centers and mobile device-based controls to optimize

Solarrus acquires software solution company Power Factors

Solarrus Corporation, a provider of commercial and utility-scale design, operations and maintenance, and electric vehicle and battery storage services, announced it has acquired Power Factors.  The acquisition adds to Solarrus an industry-leading software platform for monitoring and managing renewable energy assets, cementing Solarrus’ position as a leading independent provider of operations and maintenance services to renewable

OnGrid explains utility bills with an in-depth video

OnGrid, a developer of financial modeling and presentation software for the solar industry, as well as various educational resources and live workshops, has created an in-depth video explaining utility bills. The video is meant to help solar installers explain utility bills, and how owning a solar array can impact them, to potential customers. Solar Power

Four steps to optimize solar performance in shaded conditions

Article by Christopher Hopper, co-founder, Aurora Solar Assessing the impact of shading on system performance is an essential step in solar design. Solar designers often deal with shading issues like trees, chimneys and other obstructions, especially in the residential market. The question designers often face then is, given these conditions, how do we maximize system

Valentin Software offers new version of T*SOL solar thermal design software

Valentin Software has adapted T*SOL, its simulation software for solar thermal systems, in accordance with current funding guidelines. The new version T*SOL 2016 allows users to submit the necessary evidence, e.g. to cover heating and hot water requirements, for German government funding programs. For this purpose, Valentin has added some new systems, increasing the number

EnTech convergence: The next era in mounting system evolution

By Kate Trono, vice president of products, SunLink Accelerating solar’s downward cost curve is an exciting but daunting challenge—the faster and more effective we are, the more competitive solar becomes in more markets. However, with all the efficiencies we’ve already found, it’s tempting to say there aren’t any more levers to pull. In the mounting

6 tools turning website visitors into solar customers

An online presence is crucial to business success in the 21st century—especially in the booming field of solar power. But to make sure your solar website produces real results, you have to include the right elements. Use these vital online tools to turn browsers into customers. 1. Interactive applications and features One of the greatest

Aerocompact launches design software, AeroTool Light

With the free and unique online software, AeroTool Light, Aerocompact sets new standards and provides its customers with a tool to quickly and accurately plan ballasted PV systems on flat roofs. Using this tool, solar providers can easily create layouts for their flat roof projects with the help of Google Maps without ever being on

Why the time is right for a solar software conference

In the last two years, we have seen an explosion of innovation in solar software tools. This includes the existing tools getting better, as well as new tools emerging that focus on a specific part of the solar workflow, including LiDAR data, drone imagery, custom weather data, and utility rate optimization. However, this creates a