BPS Asset Management looking for partner solar companies

BPS Asset Management is looking for 2­ to 3 companies to partner with to help build out more of its software to span the entire solar project lifecycle, from project development, design and construction to financing, monitoring, and operations and maintenance. In return, BPS Asset Management would provide the companies with a perpetual license of the


Seven ways to sell with solar design software: collaborative selling

As the solar industry continues its exponential growth, installers need creative ways to continue scaling their teams while maintaining their effectiveness. Many of the easiest solar deals have been closed, so the sales techniques that worked for the first 600,000 homes that went solar are not guaranteed to work for the next two million. One


Pecan Street launches free “check engine light” service for solar panel owners

Pecan Street has launched a free service to help solar panel owners discover maintenance issues with their systems nearly as soon as they occur. Pecan Street Sol is a check engine light for residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, providing customers with near-real-time maintenance status and performance information. The service automatically detects problems that could significantly reduce


Ecoppia launches advanced data for water-free solar panel cleaning robot

Ecoppia, an innovative developer of robotic, water-free photovoltaic (PV) solar panel cleaning solutions, announced the launch of its advanced E4 control system. With the integration of real-time and forecasted information on precipitation, cloudiness and air quality, Ecoppia now offers a more intelligent and reliable operation, and provides a comprehensive view of site conditions—helping site managers make


Artila releases new web-enabled remote I/O module

Artila Electronics, the leading designer and manufacturer of embedded device networking and computing, is proud to release RIO-2017, the new generation of Web enabled Remote I/O module.  RIO-2017 is powered by ARM Cortex M3 and FreeRTOS operating system and features one 10/100 MHz Ethernet port, eight channels of 16-bit isolated analog input and one form


S&C offers radio that helps smart grids communicate

S&C Electric Company, a smart grid leader shaping the future of power delivery, today announces the new SpeedNet SDR Software Defined Radios, which combines S&C’s field-proven mesh-radio technology with the software-defined radio platform from XetaWave, a Colorado-based leader in wireless technology. The SpeedNet SDR will support ultra-high frequency (UHF) bands, between 406 – 430-MHz and

Solmetric's PV Designer

Manufacturers use web-based software to help customers and themselves

Solar manufacturers, especially those selling inverter and mounting products, have added web-based tools to their websites that help contractors design and buy systems. The tools benefit contractors and manufacturers alike. Contractors can use them to ensure they’re buying the right product; and as a result, manufacturers are less likely to sell the wrong one. Selling


kwh Analytics shares 5 projections for 2015

This blog was originally published here. Now that 2014 has come to an end and we’ve seen a preview of what 2015 has in store, we felt it was the right time to put together our projections for the year. We look forward to picking this back up in 2016 and seeing how many of

Field Service

Organize Equipment With Solar Management Software Tool

Dynamic Systems, a provider of Barcode Tracking Solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of an SQL database on all Checkmate Tool and Equipment Management Software. The SQL update will give solar construction management the ability to view and manage tools, equipment and consumables by department as well as location, and provide management a “snapshot”


Redavia GmbH Selects 3megawatt Software Tool for Solar Asset Management

3megawatt GmbH signed a software as a service contract with its newest client Redavia GmbH.  Redavia, a fast-growing supplier of specialized rental solar power solutions for remote locations, has selected 3megawatt’s “BluePoint” software tool to manage their solar assets globally. 3megawatt is dedicated to help the solar asset management community to standardize and simplify management