BOS Services Coming To Mandalay Bay Rooftop Installation

Power management company Eaton recently announced a contract to provide electrical distribution equipment for a 6.4-MW dc solar installation at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas. The MGM Resorts International and NRG Energy project is the world’s largest rooftop solar array on a convention center to date, and is predicted

Is there a future for desert solar panels or rooftop solar panels?

Changes In The NEC Affect Solar Installers

Most solar installers wouldn’t think of the National Electrical Code as leisure reading. But experts working on the PV provisions of the Code want to make the NEC into something that flows more like a novel than like a set of disjointed and confusing commandments about PV wiring. That was the message coming out of


UL Presents Four Posters During SPI

We’ve always been fascinated by the poster sections of trade shows. When we heard that UL (Underwriters Laboratories) was presenting four posters at SPI, we asked them to share what you could have learned if you’d had the chance to attend them all: BoS Is No BS — You Must Install Them Properly By Christian Storbeck,


Touch-Safe Cover For Solar Fuses

Schurter is pleased to  introduce the ESO 10.3×38 touch-safe fuse cover designed to safely and securely insert and extract 10.3×38 mm fuses. After inserting the ESO 10.3×38 with captive fuse into the fuse clips, the complete installation provides a touch-safe cover according to IP20 specifications; additionally the cover serves to extract a blown fuse. No


Welcome To SPI — Here’s What You Need To Know

By Frank Andorka, Senior Editor For those of you attending Solar Power International (SPI), the team at Solar Energy Trade Shows (the company handling the show’s logistics, or SETS) compiled a list of what you need to know before arriving in Las Vegas: Before you travel to the show, schedule meetings with your current clients


How To Choose The Perfect Charge Controller

What is the most important factor in choosing the perfect charge controller for your solar project? The most important job of all solar-charge controllers is to properly charge the batteries and to give them as long a life as possible. There are two types of charge controllers: Pulse width modulation (PWM) Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) The


How The New NEC Codes Will Affect Your Installations

Rapid-shut down and other provisions in the 2014 NEC aimed at first responder safety are causing confusion among PV professionals. Here’s why. By Leland Teschler, Executive Editor A short section of the 2014 National Electrical code has caused a lot of head-scratching among solar installers and officials from local municipalities. NEC Section 690.12 reads in


Why You Shouldn’t Use Solar Connectors From Different Manufactures Together

By: Brian Mills, Product Manager of Photovoltaics for Multi-Contact North America The practice of claiming one’s PV connector is acceptable for cross-mating to that of another company’s connector has unfortunately become alarmingly common place. For the sake of clarity, “cross-mating” refers to the plugging of two connector halves of a different type or from different


Perovskite: Next Big Thing In Thin-Film Solar Cells?

A new kind of chemistry could cut costs and boost efficiency in thin-film PV. By Leland Teschler, Executive Editor Researchers are saying that the use of what’s called a perovskite-structure semiconductor could dramatically lower the cost of producing thin-film solar cells. The reason: Perovskite-based cells can be processed at much lower temperatures than ordinary PV cells. Moreover,


Eaton’s Offers Circuit Protection For Solar Projects Of All Sizes

Eaton’s Circuit Protection division aims to help OEMs, contractors and system owners protect vital PV power systems by offering a complete range of reliable solar circuit protection solutions. The solutions can help customers in commercial, utility and residential solar segments reduce installation costs, maintain reliable operations, help enhance safety and maximize energy harvested. Eaton is