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Moxa Receives Open Standards Award From The SunSpec Alliance

Moxa, provider of data-loggers and networking hardware for the renewable energy market,  was recognized with the Open Standards Champion award from the SunSpec Alliance, a trade consortium of distributed energy industry participants working together to pursue information standards to enable “plug & play” system interoperability. It was the second year in a row that Moxa received

The Stanford team's solar car, Luminos, has a carbon-fiber composite body and can attain speeds up to 70 mph.

Stanford Solar Car Races Into 4th Place At The World Solar Challenge

After five days of racing across the Australian Outback, the Stanford Solar Car Project placed fourth in the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The Stanford team’s solar car, Luminos, never broke down during the grueling 2000-mile race along the Australia continent. The Stanford Solar Car project uses Alpha Wire’s EcoFlex cable and EcoWire hook-up wire. Luminos, with a carbon-fiber composite body,

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Enclosures: Simply Essential To Your Solar Project

The basic premise of an enclosure is simple – it is a cabinet to store electrical components to prevent shock to users and to protect the contents from the environment. The enclosure is essential for its utilitarian purposes, but should also fit aesthetically into its location. There are a variety of choices available for the


Can These Three Smart-Grid Startups Ease Solar’s Integration?

By Gretchen Fitzgibbons, Special to Solar Power World When you think of smart-grid developments, your thoughts turn immediately to solar integration or metering debates. But you should be including smart water heaters and 3D imaging in the discussions. Three promising Midwest startups may do just that. A few exciting companies from Illinois are affecting the


Soligent, SunWize Combine Operations, Form Largest Solar Distributor

  Soligent and SunWize, two recognized leaders in providing equipment and services to solar dealers and installers across the country, announced they are combining their solar distribution operations. The combined company, which will be called Soligent Distribution, will be the largest solar equipment distributor in the Americas, serving more than 4,000 solar installers, energy efficiency firms, electrical


UPDATED: Report Lists Top Export Markets For U.S. Renwable Energy Products

UPDATED (9:43 am, March 13): The report now includes the solar-specific section of the report between the fourth and fifth paragraphs. According to a newly released report from the U.S. Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration (ITA), Canada, China, Brazil, Chile and Mexico will be the top five markets for U.S. renewable energy exports during the


SOCOMEC Launches Latest PV Switching Technology

Integrated power solutions specialist Socomec launched the latest innovation in photovoltaic (PV) switching technology — The Sirco PV. Easy to install with a compact and flexible design the Sirco PV is UL98B listed and compliant with IEC standards. It has  1000VDC rating (1500VDC IEC) up to 2000A Socomec’s portfolio of solar disconnect switches ranges from


UL Receives IEC 62109-1 And 62109-2 CBTL Status

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has achieved IEC 62109-1 and 62109-2 Certified Body Testing Laboratory (CBTL) status for inverter products. With this internationally recognized testing accreditation, UL can provide internationally accepted market access reports, known as a Certification Body (CB) report, to inverter manufacturers. The inverter can be evaluated to the standard for the United States and/or another market(s)

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Does Your Solar Surge Protection Pass The Test?

By 2016, all UL1449 3rd Edition SPD’s will be required to test and publish a short circuit current rating (SCCR) and pass the intermediate current tests in order to comply with the SPD component assembly standard. The SCCR of an SPD as defined by UL1449, in accordance with Article 100 of the National Electric Code


Phoenix Contact Devises Secure Cloud VPN For Remote Connectivity

  Phoenix Contact introduced the mGuard Secure Cloud (mSC), a free web-based service that allows FL mGuard users to securely communicate with and support industrial equipment over the Internet. The mSC uses award-winning FL mGuard hardware to give OEMs, machine builders and system integrators a secure, easy and cost-effective way to access machines and systems