Eaton’s Offers Circuit Protection For Solar Projects Of All Sizes

Eaton’s Circuit Protection division aims to help OEMs, contractors and system owners protect vital PV power systems by offering a complete range of reliable solar circuit protection solutions. The solutions can help customers in commercial, utility and residential solar segments reduce installation costs, maintain reliable operations, help enhance safety and maximize energy harvested. Eaton is

Alissa Jean Schafer, CITEL

When Lightning Strikes Twice, Is Your Solar Project Safe?

You know the saying “Lightning never strikes twice?” Turns out, it’s a myth. Lightning can strike twice, three times or even more. It also has some favorite targets, with photovoltaic (PV) systems — including combiner boxes, inverters and datalines — at the top of the list. The increased risk for lightning strikes close to PV

Compression Group

ILSCO Expands Aluminum Compression Connector Line

ILSCO, an electrical connector manufacturer, recently added new configurations to its Aluminum Compression connector line, 1-hole standard tang (Type ALNS), 2-hole standard tang (ALND) and narrow tang 1-hole and 2-hole (ALNN). SureCrimp aluminum compression connectors are available in 1-hole and 2-hole tang configurations with a variety of bolt hole sizes and spacing to suit your


Detecting Arcs While Minimizing Nuisance Trips

The Sensata PVAF family of solar arc fault detectors allows PV solar inverter and combiner box manufacturers to develop National Electric Code (NEC) 2011-compliant equipment. The PVAF family is a series of UL 1699B-recognized, pre-integrated arc detection solutions for use in solar inverters or combiner boxes on new arrays, or retrofit boxes on existing arrays.


The Solar Revolution Comes To Boston As PV America Shines

By Frank Andorka, Editorial Director Amid a potentially landmark compromise between the Massachusetts solar industry and its utilities to further the industry’s interests in the state, PV America descended on Boston’s convention center, filled with optimism and excitement for the future of the solar industry. The only cloud in the sunny skies above the city


S&C Rapidly Completes Collection-Point Substation For Solar Farm In Hawaii

Connecting renewable energy plants to the grid is vital for U.S. states like Hawaii that have renewable portfolio standards. Hawaii aims to have renewable energy sources provide 40 percent of the state’s electricity by December 31, 2030. The developer of a 5-MW Solar Farm in Oahu sought to have their plant constructed and operational in


Power Players: The Midwest Solar Expo Brings Best Minds

  The Midwest Solar Expo last month provided an opportunity for the top minds in the region to meet and talk about what challenges they faced in their own states and how they could band together to help each other expand the solar market. It featured nationally known speakers like Jigar Shah of Jigar Shah Consulting, Jeff


CITEL To Exhibit 2016-Ready Surge Protective Devices At Intersolar NA

Photovoltaic systems are highly exposed and vulnerable to lightning storms and power surges. A PV system that is not equipped with surge protection can be severely damaged or even destroyed in the case of an overvoltage such as one that would be caused by a lightning strike. Not only are the panels themselves targets for


Reducing Soft Costs, Part 1: Value-Added Vs. Non-Value-Added

By Pam Cargill, Special to Solar Power World Soft costs. While analysts have been long on talk analyzing what they are and how they are impacting the industry, they have been short on solutions. Why? Because residential solar is, by nature of its need to interface with a varied landscape of regulatory and policy issues, a

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Moxa Receives Open Standards Award From The SunSpec Alliance

Moxa, provider of data-loggers and networking hardware for the renewable energy market,  was recognized with the Open Standards Champion award from the SunSpec Alliance, a trade consortium of distributed energy industry participants working together to pursue information standards to enable “plug & play” system interoperability. It was the second year in a row that Moxa received