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2014 Trends: Solar Distribution

Several years ago, a solar distributor was nothing more than a big warehouse that managed the job-by-job logistics, as Geoff Stenrick, president and CEO of SimpleRay Solar remembers. “Anyone could stock products and sell them,”Stenrick says. “Today’s solar distributor is a partner to the installer, providing many solutions to help their customers succeed.” These solutions


JinkoSolar Connects Two PV Projects Totaling 39 MW In Jiangsu Province

JinkoSolar, a global solar PV company, connected its 24 MW solar PV power plant in Xinyi, Jiangsu Province and 15 MW solar PV power plant in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, to the grid. The company has so far successfully connected to the grid for more than 252 MW of solar PV power projects. The 24 MW Xinyi


Hanwha Q Cells PV Flat-Roof System Is One Of Denmark’s Largest

German-headquartered PV specialist Hanwha Q CELLS completed one of the largest flat roof systems in Denmark. The 345 kW flat-roof solution on a Danish retirement home of Lions Park Birkerød near Copenhagen has received net metering approval from Danish authorities and has been connected to the grid. Hanwha Q CELLS has been responsible for base


SolarWorld Powers Grassroots Community Solar Coast To Coast

On opposite sides of the country, diverse groups of citizens, businesses and nonprofit organizations launched community solar programs in Charlotte, N.C., and Salt Lake City. These grassroots efforts are among the latest in a nationwide wave of “solarize” programs that aim to give community members easy and cut-rate access to home solar installations. Both programs


Yingli Solar Signs Agreement With United PV For 300 MW Solar PV Plants

Yingli Solar, a vertically-integrated photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer, entered into a framework agreement with United Photovoltaic Group for the acquisition of China-based solar PV plants to be developed and constructed by Yingli Solar. United PV is a company listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to the agreement, United PV will acquire at least 300

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2014 Trends: Central Solar Inverters

Utility-scale solar, which commonly uses central inverters, is a whole different ballgame from residential and commercial solar. Central inverters face different demands from those facing string and microinverters. “Commercial-grade equipment is often applied to utility-scale installations, yet these solutions are not designed for the requirements of these installations,” says Kleber Facchini, product manager at Eaton.


Trina Solar Announces Grid Connection for 23.8 MW PV Projects in UK

Trina Solar, a global photovoltaic (PV) modules, solutions, and services, announced two of its PV power plants in the United Kingdom have successfully completed connection to the grid. Trina is an investor in and sole project developer for these projects, which have a total capacity of 23.77 MW. The two projects, which are located in Cornwall

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Webinar: Solar Panels – The Next Evolution

Live webinar is Wednesday, May 21, 2014 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT Solar panel prices have plummeted over the past five years, making solar installations more affordable than ever. But the technology of panel development have remained roughly the same. Efficiencies continue to move ever-slightly upward. So it’s time to examine where we’ve been, where


SunPower Corp. Systems Planned For Five Pajaro Schools

Pajaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) and SunPower Corp. announced the planned installation of 1.2-megawatts of high efficiency SunPower solar power systems at five district schools. PVUSD estimates that, based on its current utility rates, the solar power generated by the systems will curtail approximately $380,000 of annual electricity costs. SunPower is installing solar shade structures in parking


SunEdison Closes on 20 MW Adobe Solar Plant

SunEdison, a solar technology manufacturer and provider of solar energy services, interconnected a 20 MW AC (alternating current) solar plant in Kern County, Calif. The project, known as the Adobe Solar Facility, is owned by Southern Co. subsidiary Southern Power and Turner Renewable Energy and is composed of 80,000 SunEdison Silvantis Solar PV modules. SunEdison was responsible for building the Adobe