P-5 Series power optimizers are rated IP68/NEMA6P.

SolarEdge Debuts New P-5 Series Power Optimizers

SolarEdge recently released it’s newest product: the P-5 Series power optimizers. P-5 Series power optimizers have the same electrical ratings, functionality and mechanical interface as P-2 Series power optimizers and are fully interchangeable. The P-5 Series SolarEdge power optimizers will gradually replace the P-2 Series power optimizers during Q3/2014. During the transition period, customers that


EcoFasten Solar Introduces CorruSlide

EcoFasten Solar, manufacturer of watertight solar and thermal roof mounts and components, recently introduced CorruSlide, an adjustable, waterproof bracket designed to fit corrugated panels. Design Features Universal design – works as a hinge to fit all profiles North-South and East-West adjustment for ease of installation 5 fastener points ensure optimum strength Pre-applied gasket tape means

Real-time voltage drop allows you to quickly make sure you are within your design tolerances.

Folsom Labs Adds New Features To HelioScope

Solar software developer Folsom Labs recently added new functions to the mechanical and electrical design sections of HelioScope, an advanced PV system design tool that combines Google Maps-integrated design tools with a sophisticated physics engine to streamline workflow for system engineers. New Functions Include: Automatic Row Spacing: Use your preferred metrics to automatically set row spacing.

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Bland Solar & Air Brings APS Microinverters To Central Valley

California solar distributor Bland Solar & Air will carry APS microinverters under a new strategic partnership between the two companies. The agreement introduces APS microinverter products to customers in California’s Central Valley, a dynamic market where solar adoption far outpaces other metropolitan areas nationwide. In adding the APS microinverter line to their array of solar

Alissa Jean Schafer, CITEL

When Lightning Strikes Twice, Is Your Solar Project Safe?

You know the saying “Lightning never strikes twice?” Turns out, it’s a myth. Lightning can strike twice, three times or even more. It also has some favorite targets, with photovoltaic (PV) systems — including combiner boxes, inverters and datalines — at the top of the list. The increased risk for lightning strikes close to PV


Australian Wildlife Park Takes A Bite Out Of Electrical Bill With Solar

Open to the public every day, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures had an average annual electricity bill of $100,000. To minimize operating expenses, the park owner explored alternative options to offset the attraction’s large energy needs. Contractor Australian Sustainable Energy Services (ASES) has installed an Enphase microinverter system at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, a wildlife attraction in Australia.

A 684-kW system at Staples’ headquarters in Framingham, Mass., uses Solaire Generation’s Long Span R5. This was Solaire Generation’s first garage-top installation.

Solar On Parking Garages: Q&A With Solaire Generation

Q&A With David Froelich, Director Of Business Development At Solaire Generation Solar Power World: Solaire Generation focuses on solar structures and solar carport projects. How big of a market is solar for garage structures in particular? David Froelich: There are no published numbers on the garage top market that we’ve seen, but our experience indicates

Arccom inverter from solectria

Webinar – Commercial Solar Design & NEC 2014: Meeting New Arc Fault Detection and Rapid Shutdown Requirements

Live webinar will be Wednesday, August 20th, 2014. Register for the event by clicking the button below. During this webinar, Solectria Renewables, in conjunction with Solar Power World, will explore the primary considerations of achieving compliance with NEC 2014 for arc fault detection and rapid shutdown requirements. Even though Massachusetts is currently the only state

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Tigo Updates: Solar Decathlon And Smart Module Modeling

Tigo Congratulates Its Solar Decathlon Team The Solar Decathlon competition sets collegiate students the task of designing and building aesthetically pleasing, marketable, and affordable solar-powered homes. The decade-old competition challenges the solar industry’s future leaders in a number of important areas. Tigo acknowledges the importance of this event for the renewable energy industry and congratulates

UL Testing

ReneSola Modules Pass Type 1 Fire Testing

ReneSola modules recently passed Type 1 fire testing for UL certification. UL 1703 requires PV systems or modules fire classification must match the minimum fire classification of the roof assembly over which they are mounted.  Type 1 fire testing certifies ReneSola modules compliance with UL1703 for integration with all Class A rated racking systems. SnapNrack