Nissan Approves Ingeteam’s Rapid EV Charging Station

Ingeteam has received Nissan’s letter of acknowledgement for the compatibility of its CHAdeMO charger with the Nissan Leaf electric car model. The approval was obtained following a period of technical trials conducted at Ingeteam’s facilities in Sarriguren (Navarre) with an electric car loaned by the Nissan-Arremotor car dealer. During this trial period, Ingeteam’s rapid charging


Command And Control: Why 24/7 Solar Monitoring Matters

By Judah Moseson, Special To Solar Power World Photovoltaic (PV) solar-farm technology improvements, as well as the size and number of installations, have increased dramatically in the past five years. This has created an increase in potential generation and revenue—which means traditional power-plant issues and considerations have become more prevalent in the solar energy sector. 


How Is Software Changing The Solar Sales Process?

Effective solar sales professionals are always looking for ways to gain an edge. They need to get access to more potential deals, and improve their close rates in those deals – all while serving their customers’ unique needs effectively. Software products have played a critical role in improving sales teams’ effectiveness. The first generation of

Photo courtesy of Crown Battery Manufacturing Co.

Which Battery Technology Will Win The Storage Race?

Lead-acid batteries and protective structures will remain the most popular technology to lead the RE market. By: John Connell, VP of SLI products at Crown Battery Manufacturing Co. As more utilities cut off subsidies for grid-tied solar users, a growing number of homeowners are investing in battery storage for their renewable energy (RE) systems, using


How The New NEC Codes Will Affect Your Installations

Rapid-shut down and other provisions in the 2014 NEC aimed at first responder safety are causing confusion among PV professionals. Here’s why. By Leland Teschler, Executive Editor A short section of the 2014 National Electrical code has caused a lot of head-scratching among solar installers and officials from local municipalities. NEC Section 690.12 reads in


How To Shorten The Solar Sales Process For Success

Customer requests, such as migrating a 120kW array from rooftop (left) to carport (right), can be incorporated directly by the salesperson when using sales software. By Paul Grana and Paul Gibbs, Special To Solar Power World The commercial solar sales process is complicated. A sales team must understand the customer’s goals, propose a PV system


The Trade Case Cometh (Again)

There’s a lot of consternation surrounding the Department of Commerce’s July 25 decision to levy heavy tariffs on Chinese and Taiwanese panel manufacturers. Here’s what it means for you. By Frank Andorka, Senior Editor When Hillsboro, Ore.-based SolarWorld USA (a subsidiary of SolarWorld, a German panel manufacturer) filed its second trade complaint against Chinese panel


How Can Distributors Help Installers Improve Their Businesses?

How can distributors help installers improve their business practices outside of supplying components? Demand for solar is at an all-time high. Worldwide solar demand will hit 40 to 46 GW this year and climb to 100 GW by 2018. A growing number of states in the United States want to implement renewable portfolio standards, and

The SG500MX-M is now a modular inverter with up to 4 MPPTs. The 50kW and 60kW units use advanced thermal and high power density design that nearly double the power output in the same form factor.

Sungrow Stays Strong In 2014

As average selling prices continue to drop and market share gets further diluted to an influx of competition, some PV inverter manufacturers struggle to make a profit. Chinese inverter manufacturer Sungrow, however, reports it,s profitable and one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world. With a slew of new hit products this year, including

Partnership deepens ties between BYD, China’s leading energy storage company and electric vehicle pioneer, and ABB, the globally leading power and automation group

ABB Partners On Solar Storage Technologies

ABB and BYD announced today a strategic collaboration to jointly develop new solutions for energy storage building on their complementary strengths. ABB’s leading products and technology for grid storage, electric vehicle charging and integrated marine systems, combined with BYD’s knowledge in battery technology, can broadly address worldwide energy storage requirements. This collaboration will accelerate the