How To Mount Solar On Tile Roofs

Quickscrews International has been steadily creating a full line of mounting products to meet the needs of the most common residential roofs in the U.S. In this article, the company discusses its recommended technique for installing solar on a tile roof. For general installation, one must remove the tile where the hook will be, locate


There’s A New Way To Guarantee Your Solar Project Goes Smoothly

  The U.S. Energy Information Agency calls the future of solar bright, projecting that it will be the fastest-growing source of renewable energy in the United States until 2035. Still, as the number of building owners and sustainability officers looking to incorporate solar into their facilities grows, many still find pulling the trigger easier said

SunPower says their solar power system uses the most efficient solar panels available to date.

Meritage Homes Including SunPower Solar System On New California Homes

In celebration of Earth Month, Meritage Homes is including a 1.4 kW, high-efficiency SunPower Corp. solar power system at no additional cost with the purchase of a to-be-built home in select California communities. The offer is available for a limited time starting April 10 and extending through midnight (PDT) April 30, 2014. This promotion launches a nationwide


Solar Speaks: How Should Solar Installers Market To Women? Here’s How

  According to research, women are the chief financial officers in most homes and make 80% of the home improvement buying decisions. Logically, the solar industry should be targeting them in their marketing, but they don’t.  Glenna Wiseman has written about this for Solar Power World, and now she and Raina Russo (who some of


Solar Speaks: The Coming Boom Of Fleet-Level Monitoring

  At a recent conference, Editorial Director Frank Andorka heard MJ Shaio of GTM Research say the expected growth in residential solar will be 4X its current level by 2017. What this means there will be fewer and fewer individual installations and more and more need for fleet-management-level monitoring for companies managing huge numbers of


SunPower Corp. Closes $42 Million To Finance Residential Lease Program

  SunPower Corp. and Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital agreed to a $42 million deal to finance SunPower’s residential lease program. The transaction allows SunPower to leverage its existing lease assets and expand its program while increasing its cash position and strengthening its balance sheet.  More than 20,000 Americans are enrolled in the company’s lease


GTM Research, SunSpec Alliance Join To Advance Performance Analytics

GTM Research, a U.S. solar market intelligence provider, and the SunSpec Alliance, a global information standards trade alliance for the distributed energy industry, are partnering to provide solar plant performance data analytics to the development and finance community in order to increase transparency, better characterize risk, and improve access to capital. The Open Solar Performance

Photo courtesy of SolarEdge

The Pros Of Power Optimizers And Smart Modules In Solar Projects

The module-level power electronics (MLPE) market is one of the fastest growing segments in the PV industry, rapidly moving beyond niche status to become a crucial component of residential and commercial installations. Today, approximately two out of every three residential systems in the United States features an MLPE solution, and analyst reports indicate the global


SunPower Corp.-Powered KB Homes Arrive In Arizona

  KB Home, one of the nation’s largest and most recognized homebuilders, is offering homebuyers at all of its communities in Arizona the opportunity to own a solar-powered KB home. KB Home estimates that at current residential electrical rates, a 3-kilowatt high-efficiency photovoltaic system provided by SunPower Corp. and installed on a 2,768 square foot


Solar Speaks: Stop Improvising Your Racking Installations, Folks!

  There’s a new white paper on improving quality control in residential rooftop solar installations. The white paper is titled “The Importance of Reliable Solar Mounting Systems” and as co-written by an impressive list of racking-and-mounting companies (including Quick Mount PV, HatiCon Solar and Orion Solar Racking), one well-known installer (Cinnamon Solar) and Solar Marketing Group. The