Podcast: What are the advantages of Darfon’s G320 solar microinverter?

We spoke with Bryan Whitton, product manager at Darfon America, who explained how the company’s G320 solar microinverter allows putting more inverters on a circuit and avoids the need for neutral conductors, along with other advantages for solar contractors. Sponsored by: 

Contractors Corner: Sunworks ready to compete with the big boys

  Sunworks has a storied past, but this year the California-based integrator found its niche and is ready to expand. Originally known as Solar3D and functioning as a research and solutions provider, a series of installation-company acquisitions (MD Energy, Elite Solar and SUNworks) led to its Sunworks name-change in 2016 and a focus on developing

Solar Speaks: SEFA, cracking the code to solar financing

There’s a lot that remains to be sorted out in the solar financing world, but did you know there’s an organization working to “crack the code” for financing distributed solar? The Solar Energy Finance Association, or SEFA, is based in California and was formed a few year years ago by those from both the solar

How Solar-Log monitoring products improve solar projects

In this Solar Speaks podcast, we learn about the Solar-Log line of monitoring products, which provide integrated monitoring and plant evaluation for projects of any scope. Solar-Log marketing manager Anne Nelson discusses the ROI of Solar-Log products, as well as how they benefit solar installers.

Contractors Corner: Young company overcomes industry hiccups to finally hit its stride

Infinity Energy might be only two years old, but the residential contractor has expanded at a rapid pace. The company has opened five additional offices beyond its Rocklin, California, headquarters and now employs 150 people and even more contracted salespeople. Infinity Energy was listed at No. 212 on the Solar Power World 2016 Top Solar

Solar Speaks: Six documents to have in place before you can get financing

Obtaining solar project financing can be a complex process, and it’s made trickier if you’re not prepared. Here to discuss tips for solar developers when obtaining financing is Open Energy’s CEO and founder Graham Smith.

NEXTracker CTO Alex Au discusses tech innovation, esteemed colleagues and solar trackers

In this Solar Speaks podcast, NEXTracker co-founder and CTO Alex Au offers insight on what’s next for NEXTracker, a global provider of solar tracking solutions. He also discusses how the company pushes innovation and recalls inspiring—and vexing—things he saw at SPI 2016.

Relive our Solar Speaks Live interviews through podcasts and videos

Solar Power World’s exclusive one-on-one interview series Solar Speaks Live at Solar Power International 2016 is now available as podcasts and videos. Listen to our Solar Speaks Live playlist on SoundCloud! All Solar Power World podcasts are available for free through the platform and iTunes. Just search for Solar Power World. You can also watch the interview

Podcast: APsystems talks new microinverter and mobile tool

We spoke with Jason Higginson, senior director of marketing for APsystems, about the company’s new microinverter, the importance of its FPGA chip and how its mobile installer tool helps contractors on the job site. Sponsored by:

Join us for Solar Speaks Live at Solar Power International

We again are taking our popular podcast series on the road and to a live audience. Solar Speaks Live will be at Solar Power International in the Unirac booth from Sept. 13 and 14, 2016. Solar Power World editors will interview industry thought leaders about their unique solar industry perspectives, involvement and outlook. Interviews will be