Contractors Corner: California contractor inspired by ‘Habitat for Humanity’ model

  Habitat for Humanity has been “bring[ing] people together to build homes, communities and hope” for over 40 years. Volunteer laborers build affordable housing while also building a sense of community.  SunWork Renewable Energy Projects in Milpitas, California, introduced a similar concept to solar. Although, instead of focusing on low income home owners, it targets homes

Contractors Corner: Moss has utility-scale solar zipped up

  With more than 500 employees across the United States and the Caribbean, Moss is an established construction player in many large markets. Founded in 2004, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-headquartered company has experience in building stadiums, universities, airports, high-rises and, since 2009, solar. Moss has since been involved with 1.6 GW of utility-scale solar projects

Contractors Corner: Empowering dirty-energy communities across the world with solar

Elemental Energy may be a successful residential and small commercial solar installer in the Portland, Oregon, area, but the company’s solar-obsession extends far beyond the Pacific Northwest. The company’s 15 employees, not content with just clocking in every day, are also affiliated with the non-profit Twende Solar, which bridges the gap between renewable energy experts

Contractors Corner: After entering solar for survival, Horizon Solar Power finds a passion for going green

  The U.S. solar industry employs 260,077 people, according to the latest National Solar Jobs Census. It’s probably a good guess that many of those solar workers have a strong desire to combat climate change and go green. But that’s not necessarily the case for Temecula, California’s Horizon Solar Power. CEO Frank Kneller said while

Contractors Corner: Proving solar is viable in even the darkest Alaskan communities

Oxymorons—little giants, harmless pollution, non-stick glue—they just don’t quite make sense. But what about solar power in Alaska? One young solar installation company headquartered in Anchorage attempts to debunk the  unfortunate assumption that Alaska and solar don’t make sense. Arctic Solar Ventures happened to commission a 25-kW system on winter solstice 2016—the darkest day of

Contractors Corner: Midwest developer promotes solar on a national stage

Some may find it surprising that a solar developer based in Indiana is making such an impact on the promotion of solar energy. The Midwest isn’t the quintessential region for solar installations, but the times are a-changin’. As more utilities retire aging coal plants, South Bend’s Inovateus Solar is helping to guide the energy transition

Contractors Corner: Nautilus Solar uses 10th birthday to expand into new markets

A 10th anniversary of a restaurant or even a marriage is a notable event. But in the still-young solar industry, 10 years deserves a special celebration. Nautilus Solar Energy, headquartered in Summit, New Jersey, recently celebrated its decade milestone, and CEO Jim Rice said everyone at the company is very proud. “I feel like in

Contractors Corner: Sunworks ready to compete with the big boys

  Sunworks has a storied past, but this year the California-based integrator found its niche and is ready to expand. Originally known as Solar3D and functioning as a research and solutions provider, a series of installation-company acquisitions (MD Energy, Elite Solar and SUNworks) led to its Sunworks name-change in 2016 and a focus on developing

Contractors Corner: Young company overcomes industry hiccups to finally hit its stride

Infinity Energy might be only two years old, but the residential contractor has expanded at a rapid pace. The company has opened five additional offices beyond its Rocklin, California, headquarters and now employs 150 people and even more contracted salespeople. Infinity Energy was listed at No. 212 on the Solar Power World 2016 Top Solar

Contractors Corner: Superior Solar’s 30-year history paves the way for continued growth

Superior Solar Systems’ start in 1984 makes it one of Florida’s oldest solar companies still operating. Through the years, the company’s focus has shifted from installing solar thermal and pool heating to photovoltaics. Superior Solar (No. 222 on the 2016 Top Solar Contractors list) has seen it all in the last three decades, but Remo Eyal,