May 2014 Issue: The Solar Industry is Looking Up

  The Top Trends, For 2014 And Beyond This is one of my favorite issues of the year. The Solar Power World team taps into our vast network of industry experts and asks important questions about the various segments of solar. As we reach halfway through the year, it’s a good time to take stock

March 2014 Issue: How To Choose The Right Battery

  Storage Breakthroughs Will Fuel Industry Expansion Everyone is waiting for the next game-changing industry innovation. Will it be a new inverter? Could be, though as I look around at the efficiencies of the most popular products, I have a hard time seeing how they could be much more efficient. 1000V are already on the

January 2014 Issue: What Happened to CIGS?

  3 Fearless Predictions For 2014 2014 is as fresh as newly fallen snow, filled with seemingly endless possibilities. It’s also the time of year where people like me offer our predictions of what the solar industry will look like 12 months from now (I like to imagine my critics clipping and saving this column

December 2013 Issue: Top 100+ Products of 2013

  2013 Was A Great Year For Industry Innovations As the growth of the industry accelerated in 2013, so did the advances in technology. From panels to inverters to racking-and-mounting (not to mention operations-and-maintenance, monitoring and a host of balance-of-systems (BOS) components), the innovations emerged practically every day. If you were an installer or an

October 2013 Issue: Reliability Reality Check

  We Must Face Our Reliability Responsibilities Just how reliable is the solar industry? With 25-year warranties increasingly the norm for different solar system components, the concerns about reliability often whispered behind closed doors grew to a dull roar at Intersolar. A May 28 article in The New York Times headlined “Solar Industry Anxious Over

August 2013 Issue: Top 250 Solar Contractors 2013

  Men And Women Of Unborrowed Vision Howard Roark, the brilliant architect and protagonist in Ayn Rand’s masterwork The Fountainhead, spoke in the novel at his trial and discussed the people of great vision who built (and still build) the world. See if this sounds familiar: “Throughout the centuries there were men who took first

July 2013 Issue: We Talk Trends: 16 Items to Watch at Intersolar North America

  Our Team Tackles Trendy Topics I’m not someone who, as a general rule, follows trends too closely. I have suits older than most of my co-workers, and my pop musical taste runs from the 1960s through the 1990s (and the 1970s were a completely lost musical decade for me). Solar trends, however, are different.