EcoFasten Solar introduces new mounting solution for standing-seam metal roofs

EcoFasten Solar has launched its newest product, SimpleBlock, a solution designed specifically for standing-seam metal roofing applications. The company is looking forward to showcasing SimpleBlock at upcoming industry tradeshows: California Solar Expo, OSEIA Solar Energy Conference, Solar Power Southeast, Intersolar North America and Solar Power International. The extremely versatile SimpleBlock provides a variety of options

Mounting Systems releases new lightweight 5/40 rail for sloped roofs

Whether it’s material, adjustability, components or color, each project has its particular requirements and each installer has his particular preferences. To further expand the available options for residential systems, racking manufacturers are adding a few alternatives to pitched roof planning that expedite both the transportation to the roof and direct installation on the roof, including

21 SunPower systems installed last year at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s locations

Today, several Macy’s locations will reveal their solar energy makeovers – part of a company-wide sustainability initiative – with SunPower during dedication events in Walnut Creek, California; Chestnut Hill, Massachuestts; as fulfillment center in Joppa, Maryland. This marks the completion of 21 high-efficiency SunPower solar energy systems installed this past year at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s locations in

New solar mounting manufacturer TORR Industries enters market

TORR, a full-scale metal fabrication facility that favors quality over profit margins, is no stranger to the rooftop solar mounting game. The company has already been manufacturing solar mounting products for one of the industry’s leaders for years. Used to demanding manufacturing requirements, TORR has a team in place that has developed solid, proven product

Quest Renewables is changing the solar carport game

If you haven’t installed a solar carport yourself, you at least know the process—steel posts are embedded in concrete, long support spans are bolted to the posts and panels are slid into place by installers on scissor lifts. A tried-and-true installation method. Until the Department of Energy got involved. Way back in 2011, the DOE

GTM Research finds NEXTraker as top global solar tracker manufacturer

NEXTracker, a Flex company, has attained the No. 1 global market share position for the second consecutive year among solar tracker manufacturers in 2016. According to GTM Research’s upcoming Global PV Tracker Landscape Report 2017, NEXTracker captured 30% of the global PV tracker market share by megawatts shipped in 2016. Scott Moskowitz, senior analyst at GTM Research, reports that

Understand how flashing codes affect roofing warranties

There is no specific standard when it comes to solar PV and flashing, but it’s understood that flashing must be installed in a way to prevent water intrusion. The 2015 IBC code says to follow individual shingle manufacturers’ instructions, and many roofing manufacturers refer to best practices and guidelines from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association (ARMA)

Avoid broken tiles on rooftop PV installations

From the earliest days of rooftop PV, installers have struggled with tile roofs. Broken tile is a reality that solar installers learn to live with. Repairs can be time-consuming, difficult, expensive and unattractive—but there are options out there to repair broken tile. Reduce potential for breakage Though it’s almost impossible to avoid breaking tiles, installers

A gate-stop approach to solar foundation design

By Blair Loftis, national director of power generation and transmission for Terracon Does uncertainty in the market have you frustrated? When things get tough, it is sometimes best to focus on simple things like bricks and mortar—or, maybe, a better way to reduce risk in tracker foundation design. So what makes developing and constructing a

Imagine Energy installs Quest Renewables solar canopies in Portland

Quest Renewables Inc. congratulates Imagine Energy on the completion of a 1.02-MW solar array for Montgomery Park, Portland’s second largest office building, along with three other nearby buildings owned by the Bill Naito Company. The array is one of the largest solar PV installations in Portland, Oregon. The array will generate approximately 1 million kWh. The system features 10 of Quest Renewables’ QuadPod