The PV junction box: An overlooked, yet important part of a solar panel

The junction box is often an overlooked piece of the solar panel. Usually pre-installed on the backside of a solar module, installers pay it little mind until connecting panels. The PV junction box has a simple, but important role: housing all the electric bits on a solar panel and protecting them from the environment. Wires

Alencon optimizers achieve Intertek safety certification

Alencon Systems has successfully gained ETL certification for its newest string power optimizer and transmitter (SPOT) family of products. The ETL Mark from Intertek is proof that the product has been tested by an independent laboratory and meets the requirements of the applicable product safety standard. The new SPOT family of products meets the requirements of ANSI/UL1741, the safety standard for inverters, converters, controllers and interconnection system equipment for use with distributed energy resources.

Solar MLPE companies must innovate products to reduce prices, report says

The module-level power electronics industry is witnessing an intense growth phase, according to global research and consulting organization Frost & Sullivan. Demand is driven by increasing solar PV installations across the globe and modernization of grid infrastructure capable of accommodating module-level power electronics (MLPE) technology within the system. “With movement towards renewable power and distributed power

New optimizers from Tigo bring 99.6% efficiency to solar panels up to 475 W

Tigo, pioneer of the smart modular Flex MLPE platform, announced the worldwide release of its next generation of solar optimizers, now featuring UHD-Core (Ultra-High Definition) technology. The UHD-Core technology is available within Tigo’s TS4 products: TS4-O (Optimization) and TS4-L (Long Strings) optimizers. With a new design architecture and component rating, Tigo’s TS4-O and TS4-L support up

SMA plans 16-stop roadshow across the U.S.

SMA America will travel the U.S. beginning March 7 for its Optimization Redefined 2017 tour. The tour will make 16 scheduled stops in cities along the East Coast, West Coast and Texas, partnering with authorized distributors to host the events. Optimization Redefined will showcase SMA’s new Power+ Solution, which will optimize residential systems. The company said

Tigo receives UL certification for meeting 2017 and 2014 NEC rapid shutdown regulations

Tigo, pioneer of the Flex MLPE smart modular platform, announced its TS4 modular platform has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for fully complying with National Electric Code (NEC) 2014 and 2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown regulations. Tigo is the only UL-certified MLPE solution with multiple inverters from various inverter manufacturers. Tigo

How module-level monitoring is advancing solar O&M

There has been a lot of industry discussion recently about how operation and maintenance and asset management can help improve a system’s financials. These terms are often used interchangeably but have very different roles. PV asset management refers to the financial and administrative activities to translate energy production into revenue—mostly office work. O&M is the

SolarEdge introduces advanced communications and management accessories to enhance PV monitoring

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (“SolarEdge”) (NASDAQ: SEDG), a global leader in PV inverters, power optimizers, and module-level monitoring services, announces the launch of advanced communications and management accessories to enhance module-level monitoring and improve O&M operations. In an effort to speed up installation times and to simplify the setup of solar monitoring connections, SolarEdge introduces its

SPW picks for the top solar product characteristics of 2016

This year, new consumer product features allow you to track your sleep, take a 3D deep sea dive in a shark cage and even toss digital confetti in birthday text messages. Likewise, new features of products are enhancing our lives in solar. Below, you’ll see products that incorporate cutting-edge technologies using chip integration, diamond-like materials,

Upcoming 2017 changes for solar labeling

This article is reposted with permission from Graphic Products. See the original blog here.  When solar labeling first surfaced around 1980, there were no set standards. Over time, the National Electrical Code (NEC) included solar systems and labeling in its standard, which started with the 1984 edition, with the most current revision being the 2017