Ask a Vet: The importance of telling a great story with Solar-Log’s Anthony Conklin

In our second edition of our newly launched Ask a Vet podcast, we got a chance to speak with Anthony Conklin, president and general manager for Solar Data Systems North America. Solar Data Systems’ Solar-Log monitoring platform is used in residential and commercial PV projects and is compatible with more than 100 brands of inverters.

How to know when you need asset management software

Blog by Edmee Kelsey originally published on   Knowing the right time for solar project owners or operators to invest in software solutions can make or break the future success of their portfolios. Currently, most renewable energy assets are managed using conventional tools like excel, outlook, email and phone calls. These platforms can be an effective

The year drone technology gets fully integrated in solar operations for AES

Measure, a “Drone as a Service” operator, has partnered with The AES Corporation to scale and leverage its drone service to inspect AES energy infrastructure in 17 countries. The use of the drone technology is expected to help AES improve safety and avoid more than 30,000 hours of hazardous work per year with safer and

3megawatt integrates monitoring with QOS Qantum, Locus, 3E SynaptiQ and SolarEdge

3megawatt, developer of solar asset management platform BluePoint, recently completed new monitoring system integrations. BluePoint asset management platform now also integrates with QOS Qantum, Locus, 3E SynaptiQ and SolarEdge   BluePoint helps clients to replace manual labor-intensive processes in renewable asset management with an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain application. 3megawatt noted that companies that use BluePoint have significantly

Vaisala ships first units of new solar weather station

Vaisala has launched a new, ready-to-install solar weather station that provides all of the instrumentation required by solar project developers, operators and their engineering teams for best practice resource assessment and monitoring. The SP-12 Solar Weather Station, which has already been successfully deployed at multiple locations across the United States and Canada, completes Vaisala’s platform

What is the life expectancy of a solar array?

According to SEIA, solar PV systems have life expectancies of upwards of 30 years. However, even if the panels are guaranteed by the manufacturer to last that long, what about the rest of the components that make your array work? We looked at the different warranties offered by typical solar array components to help you

Remotely monitoring off-grid solar systems

By: Doug Grubbs, applications engineer at Morningstar Corp. Being able to remotely monitor PV systems is important to reducing time and costs associated with site visits. This is obviously especially important for off-grid systems, which are often in even harder to reach or remote areas—geological monitoring, mines, telecom, industrial automation and agriculture applications. Other, more

SPW picks for the top solar product characteristics of 2016

This year, new consumer product features allow you to track your sleep, take a 3D deep sea dive in a shark cage and even toss digital confetti in birthday text messages. Likewise, new features of products are enhancing our lives in solar. Below, you’ll see products that incorporate cutting-edge technologies using chip integration, diamond-like materials,

Draker and Inaccess work to provide round-the-clock customer service

Draker Corporation (“Draker”), a wholly owned subsidiary of BlueNRGY Group Limited (OTC:CBDEF) and Inaccess, global leaders in monitoring and control solutions for optimized performance of distributed power generation, today announced the commencement of enhanced customer and technical support to provide round-the-clock coverage for its systems and software deployed on customer solar installations globally. Beginning in

Zeversolar: New app for cloud-based PV system monitoring

Zeversolar, a subsidiary company of leading inverter manufacturer SMA , has launched a new app for monitoring PV systems via smartphone. The app accesses cloud-based monitoring portal ZeverCloud, and versions for both Android and iOS are available. No matter where they are, PV system operators can use it to access current and historical yield data