Solar-Log offers solar monitoring solution at Intersolar North America

Solar-Log, the global provider ofresidential and commercial monitoring*, will be presenting its solar monitoring and management solution at Intersolar North America – the new Solar-Log WEB Enerest. Solar-Log WEB Enerest is a sophisticated and professional solar PV monitoring platform. This new, enhanced portal, in combination with Solar-Log’s award-winning data loggers, offers superior monitoring and efficient

Smappee brings home energy monitoring system to U.S. solar market

Smappee, a European developer of smart energy monitoring solutions, has entered the U.S. solar market with the launch of its flagship product, Smappee Plus. The most advanced energy monitoring system available on the market, Smappee Plus empowers consumers to better manage their electricity use and costs by providing detailed, real-time measurements of their energy production

Locus Energy offers tool to help better understand project performance

Locus Energy announced the release of a game-changing loss-estimation feature on the SolarNOC™ Platform, the Virtual Irradiance (VI) Performance Waterfall. The Performance Waterfall is a tool that analyzes the power generation data from a solar meter to determine whether the panel(s) and inverter(s) behind the meter are working as expected. For systems that are not

Kipp & Zonen offers new PV panel soiling monitoring at Intersolar Europe

Kipp & Zonen, the world leader in solar radiation measurement, will proudly present a completely new technology and product to monitor PV panel soiling at Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich. Soiling of the panel glass is one of the major problems in the rapidly expanding solar energy market, with the attendant loss of efficiency and

Software start-ups automating solar asset management

Two new software developers are helping asset managers save time and money  As solar projects increase in size and number, owners need to manage them efficiently. The industry refers to this as asset management. Asset management has become a hot topic in solar. In fact, there’s even a conference on it: Solarplaza’s Solar Asset Management

SOLV completes new Operations and Control Center

SOLV, a Swinerton company, announced the completion of its new Operations and Control Center (OCC) in San Diego. Construction on the 7,000 square foot facility began in December 2016 and has served as the home office for the SOLV team since May 1, 2017. SOLV provides full-service operations and maintenance (O&M) and real-time performance monitoring

Bandera Electric Cooperative releases new solar monitoring software

Bandera Electric Cooperative announced the release of their new cloud-based software, Apolloware, a solution for monitoring solar and energy storage installations in real time. The software allows the solar array owner to receive enhanced financial benefit from energy generated during daily peak energy consumption which, in turn, helps accelerate the return on the investment. In

AlsoEnergy introduces new interactive datalogger for commercial PV projects

AlsoEnergy introduces a new standard gateway for its commercial PV monitoring solution: the PowerLogger 1000. This interactive datalogger introduces a range of practical and time-saving benefits relative to other gateway devices in the PV marketplace. The PowerLogger 1000 adds a rugged interactive touch screen LCD display. This innovation allows workers to commission, bus test, and

Which inverter monitoring platform is best for you, and your customers?

Just as more consumers expect Bluetooth to come standard in cars, solar professionals expect monitoring to come standard with inverters. To stay competitive, manufacturers have responded with their own monitoring platforms, which have become an essential part of the value proposition for their residential and commercial solutions. Here’s a look at some of the free

The PV junction box: An overlooked, yet important part of a solar panel

The junction box is often an overlooked piece of the solar panel. Usually pre-installed on the backside of a solar module, installers pay it little mind until connecting panels. The PV junction box has a simple, but important role: housing all the electric bits on a solar panel and protecting them from the environment. Wires