Aura Solar I Mexico project rebuilt with SMA inverters

SMA inverters have recently been installed to help power up 3 MW of solar in Mexico as part of a rebuild for the Aura Solar I project in La Paz, Baja California Sur. Aura Solar I is a 30 MW solar plant developed by Gauss Energia, a leading developer in Mexico. It is currently the

Boviet embeds SolarEdge optimizers into its solar modules

Boviet Solar has finalized a partnership with SolarEdge to embed its power optimizers into Boviet’s 60-cell mono smart solar modules. As a result of this agreement, Boviet customers will be able to get a self-contained solar module, ready for installation with the power optimizer already installed. Boviet is one of only three manufacturers in the

SolarEdge presents next-gen optimizer, new commercial inverters and residential solution at Intersolar Europe

During Intersolar Europe this year, SolarEdge will feature its next-generation power optimizer, new large-capacity commercial inverters,and complete residential solution. While not all of these technologies are relevant to the U.S. market, SolarEdge will be releasing information about what it will feature at Intersolar NA soon. At the show, SolarEdge will unveil its new smaller, higher

Why is global maximum power point tracking important in solar modeling?

By: David Bromberg, senior scientist at Aurora Solar Blog originally published on Aurora Solar When modeling how much energy a solar design will produce, there are many features of the components that must be taken into account to ensure an accurate estimate. One important factor that modeling software must account for in order to avoid over-

Ingeteam to feature 1,500-V central, 100-kW string inverters at Intersolar Europe

Ingeteam will show its solutions for the solar energy sector, self-consumption, energy storage and O&M at Intersolar Europe. 1,500-V central inverter One of its highlights will be its latest 1,500-Vdc INGECON SUN PowerMax B Series inverter. The company said this central inverter delivers an output power of up to 1,640 kVA in a single power

Which inverter monitoring platform is best for you, and your customers?

Just as more consumers expect Bluetooth to come standard in cars, solar professionals expect monitoring to come standard with inverters. To stay competitive, manufacturers have responded with their own monitoring platforms, which have become an essential part of the value proposition for their residential and commercial solutions. Here’s a look at some of the free

Consider location first when installing a solar string inverter

Location Choosing a proper location is a crucial step in a successful installation. Today’s solar equipment should last up to 20 years, and location plays a role in that lifetime. Although many inverter warranties are not voided by installing in direct sunlight, it is best practice to install in a location that provides the cleanest,

Follow the rules when installing solar AC cabling

ACPV systems use microinverters, which fully convert DC power to grid-compliant AC power at each PV module. One of the benefits of an ACPV system is that there is no high-voltage DC present. This reduces the need for code considerations and product functionality related to compliance with safety requirements for high-voltage DC circuits. It also

What is solar inverter clipping?

By: David Bromberg, senior scientist at Aurora Solar This blog was originally posted on Aurora’s blog  As you likely know, solar cells produce direct current (DC) electricity, which is then converted to alternating current (AC) electricity by an inverter. Converting energy from DC to AC allows you to deliver it to the grid or use it

Comply with solar rapid shutdown requirements

NEC 2014 PV rapid shutdown requirements were added to NEC 2014 (690.12) to improve electrical and fire safety hazards for first responders. System conductors may remain energized even after the electrical service disconnect has been opened. To alleviate this risk, the NFPA has published specific requirements to de-energize conductors extending from a PV array. PV