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Start-Up Alley winner creates new solar thermal market and IoT Heliostat

Central Coast California solar technology firm LightManufacturing exhibits at the Solar Power International (SPI) expo in Anaheim this week, showing new applications for solar energy and a unique set of products to the massive industry conference and placing second in the Start-Up Alley competition. “We’re not a PV company,” explains founder Karl von Kries. “We

A new choice for solar hot water technology

South Carolina Inverter Michael Rock has developed what he said is a new choice for solar hot water technology. His invention, the Rocket Dome, uses the power of the Sun’s warming rays to heat water—similar to a black garden hose laying on the ground on a hot summer’s day. The Rocket Dome takes this analogy to

Q&A with Stiebel Eltron, Manufacturer of Solar Hot Water Equipment

Solar Power World posed a few questions relating to the solar hot water industry to Chris Wetherby, the leader of the Renewables Deptartment at Stiebel Eltron, manufacturer of solar hot water equipment. Solar Power World: How is the solar hot water industry doing? Stiebel Eltron: Generally solar hot water sales have been flat, or trending

How Manufacturers Can Help Ensure Quality Solar Thermal Projects

By Michael Humphreys, special to Solar Power World When a solar thermal system fails to deliver, the solar panel manufacturer typically carries the burden of complaints. While the system is comprised of a range of components– pumps, valves, tanks, controls–the collectors are often seen as the heart (and brand) of the system. As solar panel

Tips for Successful Solar Hot Water Installations

By Rick Gilbert, Special to Solar Power World Throughout recorded history humans used either fire or the sun to heat water. Some communities now have solar water in over 90% of their homes. SHW is often the “forgotten solar” among many professionals nowadays, as PV prices continue to fall and more people are drawn toward

SolarReserve Aquires Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Concentrating Solar Power Business

SolarReserve, a developer of large-scale solar power projects and solar thermal technology, has acquired Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) business. The acquisition includes intellectual property (IP) rights and patents related to molten salt technology for concentrating solar-thermal power and electricity storage applications, as well as heliostat designs and collector field control systems. “The technology

Welcome To SPI — Here’s What You Need To Know

By Frank Andorka, Senior Editor For those of you attending Solar Power International (SPI), the team at Solar Energy Trade Shows (the company handling the show’s logistics, or SETS) compiled a list of what you need to know before arriving in Las Vegas: Before you travel to the show, schedule meetings with your current clients

Which Generating Technology Has The Greatest Advantage?

In a perfect world, all solar generating technology would work together to form an alliance to challenge conventional energy as well as competing renewable technologies for the hearts, minds and lungs of energy consumers everywhere. In an even more perfect world all renewable technologies would work together to displace conventional sources of energy, including nuclear

Auhua Parterners With Purdue University For Taiwan Ziolar Project

Taiwan Ziolar Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Auhua Clean Energy, recently entered into a joint development agreement with Purdue University’s Lyles School of Civil Engineering to optimize Taiwan Ziolar’s innovative solar thermal panel design. “Collaboration with Purdue University will streamline our product development cycle, advance industry applications and raise our product offering to a whole

Los Angeles Apartments Install Solar Thermal

Community leaders and representatives from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s and Congressman Brad Sherman’s offices were on hand for the unveiling of a new solar hot water system, fully financed and installed by Skyline Innovations for WNC Community Preservation Partners. The system, installed at the Coral Wood Court Apartments, will enable low-income Reseda residents to