RBI Solar brings installation to remote Massachusetts island accessible only by boat

This article is adapted from an RBI Solar blog and re-posted with permission from the company. See the original here.  Cuttyhunk Island—a mile and a half stretch of land at the outermost band of Massachusetts’ Elizabethan Islands—is home to a single school, many bed & breakfasts and little more than 50 permanent residents. The population

Panasonic marks 20 years manufacturing HIT solar module

Panasonic has reached a milestone with the manufacturing of its high-efficiency, original photovoltaic module HIT. Since debuting the patented, high-efficiency photovoltaic module in 1997, Panasonic has produced over 18 million modules of HIT, providing clean, affordable energy to consumers, businesses and institutions around the world. The landmark achievement cements Panasonic’s unique heterojunction technology as one

REC launches TwinPeak 2 Series of solar panels rated up to 295-W

REC announces the launch of the new REC TwinPeak 2 Series solar panel. Rated up to 295 Wp, the REC TwinPeak 2 takes the power output of 60-cell multicrystalline panels to groundbreaking new heights. The REC TwinPeak 2 Series uses evolving REC TwinPeak technologies, including cells from larger wafers (156.75 mm), and five busbars –

SunPower installs 3.9 MW of Helix solar systems across 13 California school sites

Bonita Unified School District (BUSD) and SunPower Corp. will celebrate the near completion of multiple SunPower Helix solar systems across 13 school sites in California’s San Gabriel Valley with a community ribbon-cutting event at San Dimas High School today. A combination of carports, shade structures and fixed-tilt systems will total 3.9 MW. The Helix systems

Battery production begins at Tesla’s Gigafactory, in partnership with Panasonic

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy through increasingly affordable electric vehicles in addition to renewable energy generation and storage. At the heart of these products are batteries. Starting this week at the Gigafactory in Nevada, Tesla and Panasonic begin mass production of lithium-ion battery cells, which will be used in

A brand-new year for the solar roof

By Oliver Koehler, CEO of SunTegra After a somewhat tumultuous year for roof-integrated solar, we’re heading into 2017 with unprecedented attention and momentum. The past 12 months of lows and highs have left roof-integrated solar shingle and tile manufacturers in a better position than ever, but not without some serious whiplash. Until 2016, there was

Boviet Solar introduces new modules for 2017, including ones with built-in racking

Boviet Solar USA has released its newest solar modules scheduled to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2017. Included in the new module lineup are 60-cell poly and mono modules, 72-cell poly and mono modules, Boviet’s new PERC (Passive Emitter Rear Contact) modules, and a new rooftop solar module with built-in rail-less systems. Boviet’s

1366 Technologies, Hanwha Q CELLS reach 19.6% efficiency with multicrystalline solar cells

Silicon wafer manufacturer 1366 Technologies announced it has jointly achieved with Hanwha Q CELLS a new performance record of 19.6% cell efficiency for 1366’s Direct Wafer technology. The result was independently confirmed by the Fraunhofer ISE CalLab and clearly demonstrates the combined potential of the two inventions – 1366’s kerfless, drop-in 156 mm multicrystalline wafers and

Jamaica’s national executive office to go solar with 15-kW system

Caribbean nations may make the ideal market for solar energy. They have some of the highest electricity prices in the world, rely heavily on imported fuel for conventional generation, suffer from a lack of grid resilience and what’s more, they are among the countries most vulnerable to the most dangerous impacts of climate change. There

Trina Solar hits new efficiency record of 22.61% for mono c-Si solar cells

Trina Solar Limited announced that its State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China set a new world conversion efficiency record of 22.61% for a high-efficiency p-type mono-crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cell. The record-breaking solar cell was fabricated on a large-sized boron-doped Cz-Si substrate with a low-cost industrial process of advanced PERC (Passivated