Webinar: Rule 21 Basics: What, Why, When, How? – July 6

What is Rule 21? Join us on Thursday, July 6th at 2pm EDT as Chint Power Systems tackles some complex questions surround Rule 21. The implementation of Rule 21 (or UL 1741-SA) is confusing. What are “smart inverters”? When will it be implemented and where? Why? And, most importantly, how can you prepare for this in

Webinar: Smart Power On Demand, Powered by Panasonic Li-ion Battery Technology

      The Harbor Smart Battery provides clean energy storage with revolutionary simplicity and automated performance. Combining Pika Energy’s leading power electronics and Panasonic’s world-class lithium ion batteries, each Harbor unit stores 10-15kWh of clean energy, directly coupled to solar PV. Learn more in this interactive webinar hosted by Pika Energy and Panasonic. Harbor

Webinar: Behind NEC 2014 & 2017: What solar installers need to know

      This webinar will serve as a code compliance lesson with the updates on article 690. We will review the different solutions available for rapid shutdown compliance to keep solar to keep solar installers and end users safe. The quality and integrity of solar photovoltaic (PV) system components is essential to ensuring our

Webinar: Navigating Rapid Shutdown Requirements when PV and Storage are Present

      With battery storage technologies becoming more affordable, many homeowners are adding storage capabilities to their grid-tie PV systems. In this webinar, Alan Santos-Buch and Ryan Stankevitz, will discuss the unique considerations to navigate rapid shutdown when both PV and Storage are present. Using the Magnum Energy MicroGT microinverter and MS-PAE inverter/charger PV+Storage

Webinar – Optimization Redefined: Improve Logistics and Lower System Cost with the SMA Power+ Solution

      Module-level power electronics provide many benefits, and have proven popular with installers, but drawbacks remain and integrators have been asking for a better solution. Today, SMA has the answer. In this webinar, we’ll explore how the revolutionary new Power+ Solution can help installers speed installation while reducing costs. We will also examine

Webinar: Learn the Latest Innovations in Solar Mounting Systems

    The webinar is ideal for solar professionals who want to learn the new solar mounting technology in the industry. On May 25th, Brandon Gwinner and Roland Jasmin of SunModo will share our latest innovations in the solar mounting systems to help you complete more installations in less time by getting you on and

Webinar: How Photovoltaic Systems Can Help Stabilize and Secure Utility Grids

    With a continuously increasing amount of renewable energy in the utility grid, the market is facing new challenges and requirements. Active and reactive power management is key when it comes to stabilizing and securing utility grids. With the ability for inverters to provide reactive power, PV systems can be very beneficial for grip

Webinar: Using solar financing to grow your business – June 22, 2017

Join us for a free, live webinar on June 22nd at 2pm EST.     It’s the best of times and the worst of times for the U.S. residential solar industry. Costs are coming down, which makes solar more affordable for consumers and accessible to a mass market. But margins are also getting tighter, which

Webinar: What you need to know when selecting an ESS

    Energy storage systems (ESS) will quickly become the future of solar with the new restrictions on grid feed-in. Many regions are restricting on how much and when you can feed back to the grid, while others will not allow you to send power to the grid at all. Then there are other cases

Webinar: Critical Connectivity: addressing site communication in a wireless (and sometimes wired) world

    Today’s solar customers have an almost bewildering array of choices (and acronyms) for linking the gateway to their router. There are Wi-Fi extenders, or Ethernet cables such as Ethernet-over-powerline (EoP), where wires used to distribute power inside homes also transmit digital data based on time division multiple access (TDMA) technology. You can even use