May 2017 issue: The buzz around pollinator friendly solar plants+ more

  How do we get Bill Nye to shut up about climate change? One of my childhood heroes, Bill Nye the Science Guy, is back with a new show on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, at least watch the first episode—it applies to your day job. Oh, how I used to light up when

March 2017 issue: The Installation Issue, 17 tips for better projects

  The next solar battle: grid upgrades With the investment tax credit extension firmly in our rearview mirror, we’re approaching the next fork in the road of solar acceleration—grid stability and longevity. The U.S. solar industry will not be able to continue to grow at this accelerated pace if the electric grid doesn’t see upgrades.

November 2016 issue: Top Products Issue

What earns a “top product” its title? While prepping for our annual Top Products issue, we had the opportunity to see many new solutions on display at the summer tradeshows. It’s easy to follow the crowds booth to booth, stopping to see the latest “ground-breaking” and “industry-changing” inverters, racking systems and more. We did see

SPW announces winners of the 2016 Leadership In Solar program

The Solar Power World team is pleased to announce the winners of our fifth annual Leadership In Solar program. Since we announced the nominees in our January issue and online, our user community has cast their votes on which companies they feel best exemplify solar leadership in 10 categories. We are pleased to celebrate the

Webinar: Top 3 Ways Utility-Scale Mounting Projects Fail and How to Avoid Them

Watch on demand Schletter has long been a leader in the fixed-tilt utility-scale market segment throughout the globe with over 19 years of solar mounting system engineering, design, and manufacturing. With offices in 14 countries, the international solar community has turned to the experts at Schletter to resolve the most challenging of installation requirements. GTM

July 2016 issue: The 5th Annual Top Solar Contractors issue

In this issue: 22 TOP 500 SOLAR CONTRACTORS LIST Honoring the best of the industry 85 CONTRACTORS BY STATE Recognizing local solar businesses doing the job right 100 5 YEAR CONGRATULATIONS How has the solar business evolved in the last 5 years?   Congratulations, each and every one of you In solar, it’s easy to

Webinar: Large wattage PV modules are here, is your microinverter solution ready?

Watch now on demand. Increasingly more powerful modules and microinverters can work together to lower cost and increase production of your systems. What was state of the art yesterday is barely adequate today.  By attending this one hour webinar, find out how to capitalize on this constantly advancing technology. Attend this webinar to learn: Why

Webinar: Power Management at large PV plants with Energy Storage systems

This webinar was recorded on Tuesday, June 21, 2016. Watch on demand. The use of energy storage systems at PV plants helps to improve the integration of solar energy into the grid, particularly in the case of a weak grid, and/or  helps smoothing the way and achieve a higher penetration rate of PV solar energy.

Webinar: How to Simplify Solar-­Plus-­Storage Installations: A Single-­Inverter Approach to Islanding PV With High Voltage Batteries

This webinar was held on Wednesday, July 20, 2016. Watch the on demand webinar. Learn how to offer a single­-inverter solution for grid­-tie solar with battery backup and smart islanding. This webinar provides details on the Pika Energy Island system for residential and commercial use. Participants will learn Comparison of 380V and 48V systems for

Webinar: Insider’s Secrets To Reducing Project Costs Through Racking Services and Solutions

Utility-scale and commercial solar project installations can pose unique challenges and the devil is always in the details. Join us in this webinar as a leading EPC discusses how they resolved racking and installation challenges. We will highlight milestone solar installations and walk through aspects of each, including a 17 MW project that effectively addressed