Solect Energy installs 236-kW rooftop solar array using non-penetrating SolarPod Crown system

Solect Energy and Mouli Engineering announced the commissioning of a 236-kW SolarPod Crown installation in the City of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The cement roof and the 140-mph wind zone at the Fairhaven Housing Authority (FHA) required a new solution from a standard roof mounted system.

After extensive research, John Mosher, Vice President of Energy Solutions at Solect, decided to install the SolarPod Crown.

“This was a great team effort. The experience of our project manager, operations and design team combined with the engineering support from Mouli resulted in the best possible solution for the customer. The innovative ‘no roof holes’ design, high wind capability, and simplicity led us to the SolarPod Crown for the FHA roof,” said Mosher. “This was our first installation of SolarPod Crown and Mouli was like an extension of our team.”

Solect and Mouli Engineering plan to continue the relationship and apply the SolarPod solution when its the best option for the customer.

“This 236-kW SolarPod Crown installation in the City of Fairhaven which experiences 140 mph wind loads shows our commitment to high standards and unique solutions that meet our customers needs,” said Mouli Vaidyanathan founder and designer of the SolarPod . “Not having to penetrate the roof saved a lot of labor and cost.”

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Read more about the non-penetrating system in our extended feature here.


  1. Mohamed Conteh says:

    we only knw it was 236 kw, how much space was used, how many panels and specification of panels, how many batteries or capacity of battery bank, the size or specification of the inverter/s and lots more should have been included in this piece to make it more interesting. anyway, if posible i will like to know that and of course the total cost of the project.
    In live in sierra leone, a country where energy supply to the people is only about 30% to 45% at best condition in very important areas of the city and less in other areas. outside the main cities, electricity is zero.

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