Six celebrities fighting for solar and climate change awareness

The solar revolution and climate-change awareness are taking the nation by storm and celebrities are stepping up to advocate. Here are some of the stars bringing attention to these very important topics.

1. Mark Ruffalo 
We at Solar Power World were pretty jazzed when “The Hulk” recently retweeted us. But we weren’t surprised; we know Ruffalo is a big solar advocate, fighting hard for renewables in a tough Nevada market.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio
We were all happy when Leo finally won an Oscar last year, but those of us in clean-tech were even more excited to see him use his speech time to address concerns of climate change. Last year he released a documentary on climate change with National Geographic. He even serves as a United Nations ambassador for climate change.

3. Jonathan Scott
“I could talk for 48 hours non-stop about renewable energy,” said the star of HGTV’s series Property Brothers in an interview with The Climate Reality Project. Scott hosts the show with his brother Drew but is also a New York Times best selling author and advocate for environmental responsibility.

4. Edward Norton
When Norton isn’t starring in movies like Fight Club and American History X, he’s fighting for climate change awareness. Norton partnered with BP to help low-income families go solar, and he serves as a United National ambassador for biodiversity. 

5. Bill Nye
As we discussed in our editor’s letter,  these days the Science Guy is synonymous with the Climate Change Guy. Bill Nye has been outspoken about the concerns of climate change on many media outlets, and has carried the conversation into the first episode of his new show on Netflix.

6.  Ed Begley Jr. 
Things got interesting when Bill Nye moved into the same neighborhood as actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. For the last couple of years, the two have engaged in a friendly rivalry about who can be more “green.” Of course, both have solar on their roofs, and Begley has his own website providing “inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle.”

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