PWRstation releases containerized retractable solar generators

PWRstation, an emerging Swiss-based designer and marketer of innovative industrial-grade solar products delivers the world’s first containerized retractable solar genset.

Gianfranco Albertella, PWRstation’s Chief Commercial Officer says, “the release of our new line of PWRstation Class S 10-50 solar energy generators (gensets) is well-timed with Switzerland’s recent energy referendum which frames a national clean energy policy going forward.

The new transportable activation-ready gensets are based on the PWRstation’s proprietary retractable PV racking platform sold under the brand name EXOractm.  It is a unique technology that enables highly simplified, ultra-rapid solar deployments of variable durations, while providing users the ability to easily relocate their solar assets when and where needed.

The Class S10-50 (which stands for 10×10 foot container with 50 integrated solar modules) is a practical “plug and play” alternative to traditional fixed solar installations which often take months or more to deliver while tying-up land and capital for 20 years.

Sectors seeking the advantages of the Class S10-50 include mining, oil & gas, telecom, defense, rural electrification, humanitarian, emergency response, island and other remote communities.

PWRstation actively markets its innovative line of products in developed and emerging markets worldwide, focusing on long and variable-time microgrid applications, solar-diesel hybridization, diesel genset substitutions and sectors which require the flexibility of rapid energy activation, transportability and re-deployment.

The company also sells out-of-container EXOrac to OEMs, distributors and operators according to their needs. PWRstation’s open architecture design accommodates virtually any standard solar module brand, inverter, or wiring system.

Albertella adds, “PWRstation is all about simplicity, speed and flexibility – attributes which are not yet synonymous with solar. We are proud to be first to market with a containerized retractable solar solution, which follows our first to market achievement 10 months ago with our out-of-box retractable solutions for rural electrification and commercial flat roof applications.  But this is just the beginning.”

In grid-tied environments, EXOrac’s unique variable-time deployment advantage enables energy production on idle commercial, government and rural land zones where land use often remains undetermined for years.

EXOrac’s unique retractability and transportability advantages enable applications to commercial flat rooftops greater than 5 years of age, where the shelf life of a traditional fixed solar installation exceeds the shelf life of the roof, and its dismantling and re-installation to enable re-roofing is cost-prohibitive.

PWRstation is working with commercial, industrial, government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including such groups as the UNHCR (a PWRstation customer), The World Bank and Photowatt, EDF Energies Nouvelles, PWRstation’s latest customer and strategic partner, as well as a Swiss national commercial realty company.

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