Nevada’s governor restores net metering in the state

Governor Sandoval of Nevada signed legislation AB 405 to restore net metering in the state today, to the joy of the solar industry.

According to SEIA, the state lost approximately 2,600 jobs after the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada eliminated net metering in late 2015.

The new law “establishes an updated net metering policy that encourages home solar and provides strong solar consumer protection measures, including a “Bill of Rights” for solar customers that SEIA strongly supports,” according to SEIA.

SEIA sent out a statement from Sean Gallagher, vice president of state affairs:

“Governor Sandoval deserves credit for his leadership on solar. History will show that today Nevada took an important step that will return it to its rightful spot as a top solar state. This law will give homeowners and businesses who may have wanted to go solar the assurances they sought, and we expect strong solar growth and jobs to follow. We applaud Assemblymen Watkins, Brooks, Yeager, and Fugo and Senators Ford, Atkinson, Manendo and Spearman for their efforts to prepare and pass this bill out of the legislature.”

Solar companies that previously left the state have already started to move business back to Nevada a result of the new law. Sunrun and Vivint Solar both issued press releases saying they will re-enter the Nevada market because of the net metering restoration.

On Friday night, Sandoval vetoed two additional pro-solar bills. One was AB 206, which would’ve increased the state’s renewable portfolio standard to 40% by 2030, according to KSNV. The other was SB 206, which would’ve given neighborhoods the ability to establish shared community solar gardens. The bill was meant to bring solar to Nevadans who would otherwise be denied access to solar.

RenewNV, a partnership of clean energy advocate organizations, called the vetoes “a serious misstep on the part of Gov. Brian Sandoval, but would not stop the state from developing a vital clean energy economy in the years to come” in a press release.

The organization said the two vetoed bills could have put Nevada on the clear path to solar leadership with a higher RPS and expanded access to solar for low-income residents and people of color.

“While Governor Sandoval’s veto to increasing Nevada’s renewable energy goals is a missed opportunity to strengthen the Silver State’s leadership, the nine energy bills signed into law this year signal that Nevada will once again participate in our nation’s growing clean energy economy,” said Jessica Scott, interior West director for Vote Solar, in the press release.

Updated on Monday, June 19

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