CyboEnergy standardizes family of solar inverters

CyboEnergy develops a solar power mini-inverter with benefits of both central inverters and microinverters. Now the company has standardized its product family to have 58-V input channel limits to support most 60- or 72-cell panels up to 330 W, 48-V lead-acid batteries, 20- to 55V lithium batteries and certain wind and hydro-generators. New product spec sheets are released and downloadable.

“CyboEnergy has been shipping unique CyboInverter products for several years with great success,” said CyboEnergy CEO, Dr. George Cheng. “Our go-to-market strategy is to work with key partners that integrate CyboInverters to offer unique and useful systems in certain market segments. This strategy avoids the pricing war in the solar industry and has proven to be a win-win strategy for the customers and all parties involved.”

The company’s four-channel, 1.2-kW CyboInverter has received the Frost & Sullivan’s 2013 Global Product Differentiation Excellence Award for solar inverters. CyboInverters are patented, UL1741 certified, NEMA 6 rated and made in the USA. The product family also offers AC flexibility with on-grid, off-grid, on/off-grid, off-grid for PV heating, and dual-output off-grid CyboInverters that cover a broad range of solar applications.

Four-channel, 1.2-kW CyboInverter

Compared with microinverters and string inverters, CyboEnergy said its on-grid CyboInverter offers seamless integration of solar panels and batteries. A 48-V lead-acid battery or a 20t to 55-V lithium battery can connect to one or multiple input channels of a CyboInverter for peak power shaving. This has become an important feature that the customers want in areas where peak time electric rates are several times higher than the rates in off-peak times.

The off-grid CyboInverter H model enables off-grid PV water heating that has a rapid growing demand in areas where on-grid solar is becoming more difficult to get permits.

The off-grid CyboInverter is likely the only off-grid inverter on the market that does not require a battery to operate. It is ideal for off-grid electric vehicle (EV) charging, and for indoor growers of specialty plants where electricity is a major cost factor.

The on/off-grid CyboInverters are very useful in areas where the electric grid is unstable or bad weather can take the grid down for days. They can be switched to off-grid mode automatically when the grid is down to run critical loads such as a TV, computer, refrigerator, and phone chargers.

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