SolarEdge presents next-gen optimizer, new commercial inverters and residential solution at Intersolar Europe

During Intersolar Europe this year, SolarEdge will feature its next-generation power optimizer, new large-capacity commercial inverters,and complete residential solution.

While not all of these technologies are relevant to the U.S. market, SolarEdge will be releasing information about what it will feature at Intersolar NA soon.

At the show, SolarEdge will unveil its new smaller, higher power-density power optimizer that offers a more extensive PV safety solution with connector-level shutdown. The S-Series power optimizer is an Intersolar Award Finalist in the Photovoltaics category.

SolarEdge is extending its commercial offering and will unveil larger-capacity, three-phase inverters, that reduce installation time and cost.

SolarEdge’s complete residential solution includes a full range of residential power optimizers and inverters, namely its award-winning HD-Wave inverter, its new three-phase E-Series inverters which are smaller, lighter, quieter, and more efficient than the previous generation, and a compact residential solution for 4-8 panels. Also on display, for increased self-consumption and energy independence, will be the StorEdge solution that manages PV power and storage and the home automation solution. SolarEdge’s home automation includes an immersion heater controller and load switching devices, which directs excess PV energy to power appliances during the day in order to shift energy consumption to match PV generation.

Also listed as a finalist for the EES (Electrical Energy Storage) Award, SolarEdge’s StorEdge inverter that combines PV management, storage, and building automation to increase energy independence, is one of the only solutions currently available on the market that uses a single inverter to manage PV, device control, and on-grid and backup power to pre-selected loads.

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