Ingeteam to feature 1,500-V central, 100-kW string inverters at Intersolar Europe

Ingeteam will show its solutions for the solar energy sector, self-consumption, energy storage and O&M at Intersolar Europe.

1,500-V central inverter
One of its highlights will be its latest 1,500-Vdc INGECON SUN PowerMax B Series inverter. The company said this central inverter delivers an output power of up to 1,640 kVA in a single power block up to 86ºF (30ºC), reaching a power density of 326kW/m3. This allows connecting up to four inverters to the same LV transformer winding, achieving up to 6.55 MVA in a single turnkey MV Power Station at 1,500Vdc. The 1,000-Vdc version of this central inverter family is able to provide 1,165 kVA up to 95º (35ºC) ambient temperature.

100-kW string inverter
Ingeteam will also offer a new three-phase string inverter that provides up to 1.47kW/kg. The inverter features low voltage ride-through capability and reactive power capability, and is able to provide up to 110 kW at 122ºF (50ºC). Ingeteam said the inverter minimizes the cabling and installation costs, with no neutral wire and no combiner boxes required. It also integrates Wi-Fi and Ethernet communications standard.

Ingeteam will also have on display:
-Single-phase (2.5 – 6 kW) and three-phase (10 – 40 kW) inverters
-PV+storage hybrid inverterthe INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play
-Electric vehicle charging station, the INGEREV CITY Duo, a dual charging station

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