Webinar: Learn the Latest Innovations in Solar Mounting Systems



The webinar is ideal for solar professionals who want to learn the new solar mounting technology in the industry.

On May 25th, Brandon Gwinner and Roland Jasmin of SunModo will share our latest innovations in the solar mounting systems to help you complete more installations in less time by getting you on and off the roof quickly.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • EZ Roof Mount for both rafter and decking applications
  • TopTile Mount, the first PV mounting system that is mounted entirely above the tiles
  • SunBeam Elevated Racking System
  • SunDock Rail-Free Anchor System with universal mid and end clamp
  • SunShield Awning system

Featured Speakers

Brandon Gwinner
Senior Account Executive
SunModo Corp.




Roland Jasmin
Engineering Manager
SunModo Corp.




Kelsey Misbrener
Editor, Solar Power World




Learn the latest innovations in Solar Mounting systems


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