Bosch solar panels recalled due to fire hazard

Bosch has issued a recall on its roof-mounted, 60-cell NA30119 c-Si solar modules currently installed in the United States and Canada. The solar panels can overheat, posing a risk of fire. Nearly 28,000 installed panels are within the recall notice although no fires have been reported. The panels in question were sold and installed between October 2011 and May 2013.

Consumers and installers can contact Bosch toll-free at 855-866-8470 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or email or online at and click on “Recall Notice” at the bottom of the page for more information and to register for free replacement.

According to Bosch, the company observed that a small number of c-Si M 60 NA30119 modules exhibited what appeared to be heat marks near some solder joints. Bosch then conducted a detailed technical review to determine the cause of the marks.  Through this analysis, Bosch determined that where electrical contacts to the solder had degraded, the resulting contact resistance could result in heat. If the heat were great enough, and if the mounting structure or embedding material were flammable, Bosch determined that it was theoretically possible for a fire to result. Although no such fires have been reported, Bosch commenced this recall to ensure the quality of its products and the safety of its customers.

This recall was conducted, voluntarily by the company, under the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Fast Track Recall process. Fast Track recalls are initiated by firms, who commit to work with CPSC to quickly announce the recall and remedy to protect consumers.


  1. When will Bosch re-supply the material to its customer. Please update us through this blog

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