Webinar: What you need to know when selecting an ESS



Energy storage systems (ESS) will quickly become the future of solar with the new restrictions on grid feed-in. Many regions are restricting on how much and when you can feed back to the grid, while others will not allow you to send power to the grid at all. Then there are other cases where grid feed-in is not a problem, but the grid is heavily affected natural disasters and a backup system is needed to keep the household functioning until the utility can get the grid back online. All of these situations require that an effective, efficient and low cost storage system be paired with solar energy to accommodate the needs of the consumer.

This webinar will give an overview of the different considerations you will need to look at when choosing and installing an ESS.

The topics covered will be:

  • Understanding the customer needs and how they want to use the ESS.
  • Battery options: Lead-acid versus Lithium-ion.
  • How the site’s environment impacts installation options.

Featured Speaker

Bryan Whitton, Product Manager, Darfon America Corp.

Bryan brings more than 20 years in the electronic and solar industries. He ran his own solar installation company before joining Darfon three years ago. As a product manager at Darfon, Bryan helped define and bring to market Darfon solar products, including the G320 microinverter and ACRak installation solution, as well as solar energy storage and other green energy products.



Moderator: Kathie Zipp, Solar Power World
After graduating from Kent State University, Kathie was introduced into the world of trade journalism, specifically in the renewable energy sector. She takes what she learned from covering the wind industry into writing about the technology, installation and development of solar energy. Kathie feels grateful to be writing about solar in such an exciting time for the industry. She is inspired by the wonderful people she meets in solar, with their passion, innovation and wish to do good for the planet. Kathie also loves the opportunity she gets to travel in her career, and continues to do so in her personal time as well.


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