New infographic shows safety hazards associated with solar installations

From a distance, solar panels can look like they’re quietly and passively absorbing the sun’s rays. Most of us likely don’t imagine that the process of converting solar energy to usable electricity is fraught with safety concerns. In fact, numerous potential hazards arise from installing solar panels, including lifting heavy materials such as the panels themselves, slips and trips, electrical shock and the use of a ladder, the culprit in 81% of fall-related emergency room visits.

Add to that the meteoric rise of the solar PV installation industry, and you’ve got a real need to raise safety awareness. A new solar power hazards and safety infographic produced by Graphic Products breaks down the hazards associated with PV installation and offers tips to work safely and improve efficiency. It can be printed and distributed, emailed, or shared with co-workers to spread a lasting safety message. An infographic strategically placed in a break room can serve as a constant reminder of what workers need to be aware of to stay safe.

Along with the increase in solar installations, solar labels are important, too. Safety leader Graphic Products offers a complimentary Solar PV Labeling Guide that takes users through labeling solutions for complying with the 2017 NEC revision, covered in Article 690 of the NEC. The guide also contains codes specific to every state and municipality. With DuraLabel printers and supplies, users have the flexibility to create labels and signs that resist UV light, solvents, and water, often needed for components of renewable energy.

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